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  1. So I'm lazy and I'm getting old to where I can't really stand to wear contact for +20 hours a day anymore. I've had cheap ass back up glasses for 2 years ever since I got a viral pink eye and couldn't wear contacts for a week. Needless to say, they def weren't meant for heavy long term use. One pair already had the lens coating dry up and chip away, and the pair I'm wearing now has one of the lenses hanging on for dear life. My first and only decent pair of glasses were purchased back in 2003... they were almost $500 at the time. Compared to the $180 I paid for the two pair I've gone through in 2 years. I went to day and dropped $360 on titanium flex frames with Nikon HD transition lenses. I guess glasses tech has become a little cheaper since 2003 because these have more features than my first pair. (Yes I'm aware of the artificial price inflation of glasses) 

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    2. Sledgstone


      Thats better at least. Transitions made me rage so hard I never got them again. Back when I did alot of car work, my glasses would near instantly tint up because of the sunlight, but then I'd take a tire off, start looking at the brakes and realized I couldn't see shit in the shade because my glasses were to dark. Same with getting under the car. It was like wearing sunglasses constantly without being able to turn them off because it would take at least 5 mins to un-tint if they even did because of how much sunlight was outside even if I was in the shade. I wait a bit, start looking at the brake caliper, realized I needed a different size socket, reached for one, reach back and boom my glasses were full on tint again. Oh how that pissed me off. lol. Meanwhile my dad loves his transitions and hes had them on all his glasses since transitions was first introduced and swears by them.

      My current glasses have a Crizal coating. I'll only get this crizal from now on. It is superior anti-glare for driving at night and for staring at a computer monitor all day. I have had less eye strain for the last 2 years I've been using it, which helps since I was getting ocular migraines for a while. I've only had one of those migraines in the last 2 years where I was getting them at least 2-3 times a year. Driving at night is the most noticeable difference with it. Headlights will still have a flare to them, but all my other glasses made driving at night the equivilant of a J.J. Abrams movie. XD Lens flare everywhere and headache inducing.

    3. DeathscytheX


      ROTFLMAO! XD I'll keep these as backup in my car again if that ever happens. I had this pair under the passenger side sun visor. I'm not paying for Rx sunshades, or using one of those 80s clip ons. XD The sun would always be in my eyes when I worked morning shifts, but I don't have those anymore really. As soon as I don't get transition, I'll have a life changing event where the sun is glaring in my eyes driving down the road each morning again.

      I thought it was pretty cool they weren't like "YES YOU NEED THIS" though. It was an extra $60. The vision center is like a different world from Wal-Mart. They're always so nice and caring.

    4. Sledgstone


      LOL. The transitions annoyed me while driving too. XD The transition effect is nice but it doesn't cut sun glare while driving like sunglasses at all. And most car glass blocks the UV so the transitions effect won't kick in at all. Your car might be a 2004, but did the windshield ever get replaced by safelite before because of a crack? If so, expect no transition effect. :P I use those 80s style clip on sunglasses. XD My current glasses came with a magnetic clip on one that is more discreet than others, but I have an extra clip on one in my kitchen for when I walk around the yard in the sun.

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