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  1. -_-; wtf... Its 6v1 on WvW this week... both of our opponents are triple link servers. How is that even fair? We're getting destroyed in skirmishes because they K-train the whole map. They can't fight worth anything because were were farming them hard. But every time we dug out of last place we were instantly back in it within seconds of taking a keep or tower. They probably have like 3 commanders from each server zerging around the map capping stuff. How did Tarnish Coast get so bad that it needs 2 servers linked to it? Feels like not too long ago it was the weekly battle of JQ/BG/TC.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I finished out my Wood Chest tonight to retain my loyalty pip. I took a break from TWD todo this, but thats all I'll probably play this week with whats going on. Its not worth getting last place pips to get to gold.

      On a side note, how has purging flames not been nerfed... I mean screw epidemic, at least you have a chance to condi clear it. I drop PF on an unsuspecting zerg and I instadown 6-7 people at once. XD It's pretty absurd. Sometimes my loot feed starts rolling like I'm in the Mad King's Labyrinth. 

    2. Sledgstone


      I love purging flames. So many instant kills with it. XD the synergy with dire equipment and that one trait that procs burns on hits is too damn OP. Its more damage than berserkers longbow burst attacks.. It's easily as powerful as berserkers gunflame bursts used to be before it was nerfed. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Well.. I think I'm going to hold off on trying to get WvW skirmish tickets for the foreseeable future until they change the system. I already have 1 legendary back piece and I'm close to getting the pvp one. The wvw one looks good, but I don't have the time for it. I was getting 2 pips per tick yesterday just to finish off my wood chest for 10 whopping tickets. If the reward tracks would reset monthly instead of weekly it'd be a much more enjoyable system since the rewards scale with the higher chests. If anything there should have been a wvw season that runs opposite the pvp league seasons. Weekly resetting the reward track is too much for me. The loyatly pip is dumb too since it only applys to the reward track you last completed. I made it through the wood chest the week before so I get an extra 1 pip per tick... until I finish the wood chest, then that loyalty pip is removed because I'm past the tier I finished the week before.

      They should have introduced 2 new currencies like how pvp has claim tickets and ascended shards of glory. The tickets can be accumulated at about the same speed in pvp as the tickets in wvw, but ascended shards of glory come in much higher numbers for buying ascended gear. But in wvw there is only claim tickets and the vendors needs ass tons of them. I bought the first tier of the pvp back piece precursor for 10 tickets.. in wvw the first tier costs 350 tickets. wtf. I can get 10 claim tickets in pvp in about an hour or a little more depending on how high a chest tier I'm at. In wvw it takes me 4 hours to get 10 claim tickets. I'll keep playing some wvw for gifts of battle and for fun, but I'm not going to even bother playing enough to get these tickets for this cost of time. At 4 hours a week for 10 tickets a week it'll take me 5 years to get this back piece. Its not casual friendly at all and I'd rather go back to playing Mass Effect or my back log of other games.

      What anet needs to do is change the vendors completely and introduce ascended memories of battle currency. The back piece items should have the same cost as the pvp one and ascended memories of battle can be used for the ascended armor/weapons. As well as having a wvw league season instead of weekly reset, I bet alot more people would enjoy it. As it is now people have to dedicate 30+ hours a week to finish the entire reward track. And outnumbered pips is dumb. I was on a map that was outnumbered, prediction says I'll get 7 pips but some guy in map chat likes to call out the outnumbered map. 2 seconds before the pip rewards hit, people load into the map, I get 2 flipping pips because outnumbered is immediately negated. They all leave and my next pip prediction is 7 again when I know for a fact the same shit will happen again. -_-;

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