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  1. Well I guess I put off buying a video card for too long. All the prices have skyrocketed by 50% or higher because of some bullshit ethereum mining thing. I'm def not paying these prices. I was planning on doing it next month when I financially had a chance to do so. I guess I'll have to hope my video card last a bit longer.


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    2. Sledgstone


      That's a bunch of 1070s in that pic. I'd wait until black Friday at this point to buy one. By then the current rush will be over and prices should go back to normal. That and half these ppl will probably flood eBay with cards around that same time. Other miners that don't care about efficiency as much will buy those and new cards should be normal prices again. 

    3. DeathscytheX


      nVidia is suppose to be releasing a special card for these people in the future that focuses on electrical efficiency which is what these people are after. Hopefully that will alleviate the problem.

    4. Sledgstone


      That would be good. I was reading this topic earlier:

      The flood of new miners is jacking up the price of the GPUs but also dropping the price of the return of investment. If it continues dropping, the gpu prices will probably rebound before black friday anyway. Some of these people are saying they make like $7 a day per 1080ti, $780 per card investment not counting tax. It would take at least 4 months to start earning a profit per card and thats not taking into consideration the cost of electricty they'd be using for a 24/7 max load per card. All in all I bet it takes close to 6 months to start making a profit. But once the profits come in, they're constant. Probably $180 a month per card unless the rates go back up to about $9 a day, then it'd be like $220 or so. But how long do these cards really last under that work load? I bet they last maybe a year at best, and these ppl like to sell them on ebay and buy a new card so the initial investment gets subsidized that way. They're probably making profit 6 months out of the year. Lower quality GPUs, like a 1060 6gb would make less money per day due to lower processing and the more people that get in on it lowers the total profits significantly. I bet the 1060s will be the first cards to go back to regular price.

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