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  1. The older I get, the more I dislike the general public. I was never Mr. Popular in school because I kept to myself and felt that the upper echelon of the social order was so trivial. I can befriend just about anyone of any type of values/background. But overall my circle of friends is pretty small, and always has been.

    I say all that to say this... holy shit why are people so fucking stupid on the internet? I'm pretty new to this whole reddit/facebook groups thing. I remember running around anime forums as a 14-15 year old shooting off at the mouth like I was hot shit... but these are grown ass adults that don't have a fucking clue what they are talking about, nor do they want to learn.

    I see all these morons on the GW2 facebook group asking dumbshit questions you can easily look up yourself on wiki or youtube... The GW2 community has the best community of YT guide makers of any game... quite literally there are the most pointless guides for even the biggest imbeciles.  Taking 5 steps in a straight line from a waypoint to get to a POI? You better believe there is a YT video on how to do it! Just type in the name of the POI and at least 5-6 20 sec-1min videos will pop up. You could have tabbed out of GW2, or pulled out your phone and looked that bullshit up and got it done w/o wasting your time posting a question in a facebook group and waiting for someone to respond. I mean what the actual fuck? Then they get butthurt when someone posts the link to the wiki, and people actually coddle this fool like we shouldn't tell him to try harder to help himself? I almost left the group because of that because it was the second time in two days I saw it. Kumbaya shit pisses me off, and as a society its lead to the everything is offensive/racist/bigoted/cruel. Sometimes people have to feel like people think they're stupid to better themselves. Its called learning the hard way, and I've done a lot of it myself.

    Then you have assholes telling you about the class you main, and they have no fucking clue how the class works.... because they don't even play it. They main another class. Its obvious by what they're spewing out, by leaving out various aspects of the class while giving out vague descriptions... then a lot of times saying something that's completely false.

    But this is just a side note really, what set me off on this rant today is another facebook group. I'm a EDC nut. I own multiple guns, pocket knives, and flashlights. I recently got into a group about a particular brand of knife I enjoy. Overall its a great group that gives me good ideas about future purchases I might make. I recently ordered a knife that is an upgraded version exclusive from a certain knife retailer. It has a high tier quality blade steel, making the knife double the cost of the standard version. Even then at $80, this steel is normally only found on pocket knives that are $220-400. Its one hell of a deal. So this new guy that joined the group asks in a comment reply why would anyone pay double the price for this knife when he got it for way less. I explained to him what the deal was, because that's what the group is for... sharing knowledge and opinions. He never responded so I figured he understood and moved on.... then later down the comments I see him ask the question again... -_-; Another member tells him about the steel, and I follow up explaining that its an exclusive version of the knife only sold by that particular retailer, and I even go into why that steel is special and its characteristics. Once again no acknowledgement. He later makes his own post, posting the basic version of this knife that he owns, and someone asks him what version it is, and he states he just found out that there are more than one version of his knife and asks AGAIN why is there a one doubled in price.... this all took place in the span of 17 hours. I mean did you not fucking read mine and other peoples explanation? You read it enough to know there was more than one version! Holy shit.... Why are you so fucking ignorant? Is your mental retention that bad? How did you even manage make it back to the facebook group two days in a row?

    I'm not really raging, even though it sounds like it. It just bothers me that people act this helpless. The internet has made people even more lazy despite the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge to be had. I've learned a shit ton using it, whether it be about science, history, or my very own hobbies. I mean how do these people even pay their internet bill? Did they post on their ISP's forum to ask how to do it? Google is a powerful tool to find quick answers to everything. It requires way less clicks. Use groups and reddit for opinion discussion... not for basic questions that you need to find on your own. You just look like someone that could drown in the shower.

    1. Sledgstone


      Stupid ppl and pc correctness / coddlers like that are what make me treat Facebook groups and Reddit completely different from traditional forums. In a forum I'll look at every topic, post, etc. But on Facebook and Reddit I won't even click the link if its some basic question that can be googled. And that guy you answered twice about the steel, he's either completely ignorant or a troll. I'll compare him to a climate change troll. On either end of the spectrum there's a person that already has their mind made up and thus they believe everyone else that doesn't agree with their belief is an idiot, or in the case of the knife he already believes it's not worth the price. Someone offers an explanation that is in opposition to their predetermined belief. That person will then proceed to publicly denounce the other's opinion or in the knife guy's case he ignores because he has no counter argument and then proceeds to ask the question again and again until they get someone to reinforce their idea. It's a horrible combination of ignorance and narcissism. I'm sure he read your info and realized he was wrong. But in true narcissistic fashion he won't admit he was wrong and instead makes another post that they learned something on their own with no help and now wants info on what they now believe, while at the same pretending their previous ignorance never existed.

      Narcissism is the biggest issue with the internet nowadays. Everyone is obsessed with themselves. Endless selfies. Everyone wants to be complimented and can't take any criticism even when it's beneficial. It's also a power trip. Whether they are aware of it or not, they are asking / telling ppl to do something for them they can easily do themselves. It's a similar mentality that happens in bad relationships. The husband sitting on the couch asking the wife for a beer. Of course he could just stand up, walk over to the fridge and get one, but why when someone else will do it for you. The internet is that lazy asshole sitting on a couch while taking a selfie and telling everyone they are wrong about everything. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      I guess that's what it was, but he is in the wrong place for that, and if he keeps it up he'll just get kicked from the group. The two knife groups I'm in have pretty solid admin staffs. They don't put up will bullshit. Someone got offended that people were posting guns with their knives, and they got booted pretty quick for raging about it. XD

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