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  1. Condi'ed out my Rev WvW style. I need 2 earrings and I'll be fully ascended. Cost me 400g to do for the armor. I already had the mace/axe/staff to stat swap. I didn't get to test it out because I spent 4 hours farming AB for Superior Runes of Durability. But it gave me a chance to learn the class more. I have 20k HP, a ton of toughness, and I can rack up 4k ticks of torment and confusion on vets. Getting rolled on by arrowheads only takes 15% of my HP. XD I can't wait to give this a shot tomorrow night with what I have.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I'm surprised you actually saw Cloud Fly die. XD Use berserker stance for the resistance to negate condi damage and try to go berserk mode as much as possible since the eternal champion trait will give you stability whenever you break a stun and enter berserk mode. Thats how I secure alot of stomps in pvp with my warrior. Headbutt alone is a stun break so I usually get stability from it, then it hits, activate berserk for even more stability. I don't have to dedicate any utilities for stability with that eternal champ trait. :D

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah I'm sticking with Dire Guard... this shit is so OP it should be illegal. XD Purging Flames does 10k damage? WTF? I nuked some guy overlooking a gate we were flame ramming. He didn't expect it and just got insta downed and melted. I have 22.5k HP. I played for a little bit in JQBL with a small squad of about 7. Is always fun when someone comes to attack you like a DD, thinking your an AH Frontline, and you drop that burn on them and they freak out and run away. I watched 3 people just run from me when I dropped purging flames on them. Most of the time it kills them if they aren't a warrior or rev. XD I had a Warrior do GS3 off a ledge just so I couldn't get his bag. Judges Intervention also adds to it as well, because I got someone that was with him and jumped on their corpse thinking they could 2v1 me. XD 

      I tried to play in a big zerg on EB, but I couldn't get into the squad because it was full. I did ok, but I wasn't getting any of the group support so when my stability and cleanse ran out I often got gravity welled... damn FA loves their mesmers. Its pretty annoying... the whole condi meta is a bit absurd. I'd die and WP only to have 5-6 bags in my inventory from people that died from my flame nuke. WvW should really be put on its own mode with a PvP type class builder. Burn guard is way more OP in WvW than it is in PvP. I mean, I can launch 5k ticks of burning without purging flames. Condi needs to be toned down a lot, but I'll keep abusing the shit out of it until its fixed. Dire gear is super cheap... and the trinkets are cheap too because Tequatl's fang and Amulet of Triple Curiosity are both Dire. The rings are 3g each, and you'll spend about 6-7g on the armor. Luckily I kept the 2 level 80 back pieces from the druid stone asc back collection and got a exotic dire back going too. I could give the other one to my necro if i wanted to try Dire Reaper.

    4. Sledgstone


      I should work on that druid back piece. I completely threw that to the back burner and forgot all about it. I'll probably buy another blood ruby backpack and blood ruby amulet tho and use those instead since they are quasi legendary. I can select dire (or trailblazer) stats on them and if I ever want to change it, it only costs 100 UB to buy the capacitor to stat swap it. Its one of the main reasons I do 2 bsf dailies every day. Once the next expansion comes out and if viper, or celestial or commander, etc. becomes the meta for guardian, I'll quickly have a back, amulet and earring stat swapped and ready to go. Same with all my other characters. I'm trying to get at least half of them setup with these 3 bloodstone ascended items each.

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