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  1. I'll give credit where its due. Microsoft had a pretty good E3 presentation. But sadly for them the XBox One X is like the Wii U in title. Its going to get them screwed up. On top of that what percentage of the base is going to be using 4k? $500 is steep. Its like the Goldstar 3DO... unnecessarily ahead of its time. They had some time exclusive stuff, but Sony had real exclusives like Spider-Man, Days Gone, and of course God of War.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Problem is why would you shell out money for a console with a 4k BD Player if you don't have a TV capable of playing it? I think this is the reason Sony didn't go with one, why waste money and potential sales due to cost when most of your consumer base doesn't have the tech to run it. Then again I say this after buying a PC more powerful than the XBoneX/PS4 Pro will ever be (though I do not have a 4k BD player or 4k monitor and I wouldn't waste money on it. 4k gaming is a pipe dream that only the super rich can afford and at that it's not true 4k gaming since most PC's aren't powerful enough to run it). I didn't really catch the conference since I've lost all interest in E3 (I get more excited for TGS and Gamescom) but I got the gist from Twitter (and most people were pretty underwhelmed by MS's showing).

      Reason why Sony has more exclusives is because they are actually focused on gaming, not being the center entertainment hub of you're room (which is MS's big thing for the XBoneX).

    3. DeathscytheX


      I'm going to be salty when XBone gets the early access to all the Anthem content. I know its coming since they get the Battlefield stuff. Kinda sad that we got Activision this time when last gen it was flip flopped. I know I was glad to get Destiny exclusives before ya know... I never got them. *cough*Hawkmoon*cough*. But fuck COD.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      You know it's going to happen what with Playstation having timed exclusivity for Destiny 2 content and sadly it's only fair. The XBone hasn't really had any exclusive DLC for games that are really worth anything (their only real exclusive worth anything is Halo and those honestly aren't worth the console anymore).

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