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  1. Its pretty irritating how inconsistently YouTube runs on Firefox. Even at 40mpbs it still buffers and stalls on long videos.. but only for certain videos and channels. Sometimes I can watch an hour video no issue, sometimes I can't. But on Chrome it always works... because you know, google owns both. -_-;. Its bullshit. Anytime I want to watch Wooden Potatoes I pretty much have to do it on chrome.

    1. Sledgstone


      Firefox's quality has gone to shit over the years. But some of the issues might be related to the ad blocking addons I have running. uBlock Origin and Ad Block Plus keep firefox my primary browser tho. Too many websites are assholes with advertisements. Google Chrome is coming out with an update that is supposed to block annoying ads by default. Popups, auto play videos, blocking content ads. If that actually happens I might switch over to chrome completely. Especially if this does apply to their android browser. I don't mind some ads, but to hell if I'll even try to keep reading a page on my phone when I have to click 3 different 1 centimeter x's to close ads blocking all the text I'm trying to read.



      I usually watch youtube on my roku stick with a combo of the youtube app on my phone to act as a remote control. It works pretty good.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Anytime I visit a page, mostly news articles and they don't give me any option without turning off ad blocker I just leave. I'm not going to click your ads ever, so you aren't losing revenue. I don't need to see what I just looked at/bought from Amazon. The only thing you're losing is a viewer and you're gaining recommendation to never visit your site via word of mouth. Adblock Plus needs to update its code to avoid these detectors. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Those annoying detectors are using javascript. So I ended up getting a javascript off/on toggle add on for pages like that. As soon as I see the message, I click the toggle, hit refresh, read the article, close the page and turn javascript back on. Its getting ridiculous to avoid ads just to read a single page of text. Without adblock I get more online ads per content than I do with watching a movie on cable. btw, uBlock Origin is better than adblock plus now. I have both on at the same time. But the problem I'm getting now is firefox open with a single page is taking up 5% of my cpu and over half a gig of memory. I don't know if its because of firefox being optimized shittily or if its the addons causing the issue. Meanwhile, google chrome will sit with .02 cpu usage (if that) after a page is loaded and only take up roughly 300 mb of ram over its multiple processes combined.

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