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  1. Trying to get better with Thief. The personal DPS is amazing, but damn you can't take a critical hit. I did manage to solo the lumber yard event in Lake Doric and prevented all the ghost bandits from making off with the lumber. WTF the ship event is 1000x harder and TTS couldn't even stop the White Mantle from making off with supplies. It doesn't help that one is a Mesmer that just instantly ports off with a bag of goods. The Lumber yard just has a shit ton of spider adds which would get annoying if I couldn't melt them all with staff 5.

    Out of all the classes I believe Daredevil will remain the superior option over its new elite spec for the expansion. I dont see Rifle thief being better than DD. Chronomancer will probably be there as well for raids. Guardian's virtues and utilities will have to be amazing to give up traps. I'm biasly hopeful about Scourge because it just sounds badass. If its true Viper Burnmancer could be insane. 

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    2. DeathscytheX
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      wtf... the entire rotation is 1111111111111.. XD And people say warrior is the easiest class. pffft.. XD

    4. DeathscytheX


      That's why I bring mine to TT now. Massive DPS with little work on the fingers. XD plus TT's tells are so slow and massive it's easy not to get hit and downed. 

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