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  1. Sadly I had to give some money to Gamestop for a Pro Controller. I really wanted a charging grip, but no one has them and when they come up, people snatch them up so fast you don't even get the email notification you signed up for that they're available. I wish people would wait instead of giving money to resellers on Ebay. If they all got burnt, no one would do this stupid garbage. I've been trying to help a friend get a preorder on a Switch, but every time someone posts on reddit that someone it taking preorders they are gone within 8 minutes of the post. Its amazing how people can dedicate their time and sit there all day hitting refresh on every retailer site and reddit.

    1. Sledgstone


      Its Nintendo's fault for consistently making a small supply of every product. Nintendo probably has the largest share of video game products resold on ebay. Even now on ebay the majority of the resold Switchs are being sold for $450+. I've read plenty of articles and forum topics on places like cheap ass gamer and others where people openly talk about how they would buy the maximum of a game when it goes on sale for resale. Same with consoles, unless there is a limit on the site, there are people that will drop $2k on as many consoles they can order to sell on ebay because they could easily make a 75% profit on their investment.

      I guarantee the website everyone on reddit is looking at is this:


      Don't look at reddit, watch this site instead. Bots constantly refresh the seller's sites to see when something is available again. Once it is, it'll be on this first, then 5 mins later will show up on reddit after someone get their pre-order secured. This is the site I looked at religiously when I was pre-ordering my PS4 and it worked great for me.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Pfft, Pro Controllers. Who uses those? :P

      Meh, this is why you don't pre-order consoles. It's just not worth the hassle trying to find a place to get a pre-order at and who needs a console at launch honestly (especially with the lack of launch titles the Switch even has)? This is why I wait a few months until stores get more stock in before I buy my consoles (worked wonders for when I bought my PS4 (though I did have to go to 4 different stores before I finally found one that had them in stock (ironically it was Wal-Mart in which I could of just bought one at the one I worked at))). Ironically I love how Nintendo said there wouldn't be a stock shortage for this launch and we already have one a month before its release. GG Nintendo, way to drop the ball again.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I must play Zelda tho XD. No one has the charging grip, and gamestop was the only one with the pro controller in stock. I'm not waiting 3 hours for the joy cons to charge the day I get my Switch. I'm gonna boot it up and play immediately. As far as I know the only way the Joycons charge is via the charging grip or connecting it to the switch in mobile mode, but docked. I'm not playing on a small screen either while I wait for Joy Cons to charge. Sure they'll have some juice in them upon arrival, but probably a few hours at best.

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