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  1. Not too happy about the D.Va nerfs :/ She felt like she was in a good place. Zarya can tear her to shreds as is. That Triple Tank meta made an impact. Ana is getting a massive nerf, and Roadhog's hook can no longer pull off BS snags... although Tracer and Lucio will be almost impossible to pick off.

    1. Sledgstone


      If Roadhog will be able to “throw people behind you if you spin before the hook lands" that could be OP on some maps. Imagine a good roadhog troll constantly throwing people off ledges for a one hit kill. XD


    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah that's weird to me because it kind of breaks the line of sight rule if you turn fast and can't see them anymore. It wont be that big of a deal, because the only place you can do that is at the start of a few maps. Its already a strategy on maps you don't have to turn around on like the Well on Illios, or the temple on Napal. Its great to getting rid of the healer fast.

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