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  1. Overwatch dethroned everyone at the VGAs sweeping Game of the Year, Best eSports, and Best Mutliplayer game. I hope everyone else takes notice. While OW isn't for everyone, and its hard for SoloQ, games that aren't need to look at what Blizzard is doing. The way they balance, interact with their community without blowing them off, and post launch content. COD started the season pass trend, and every shooter followed suit and then every game followed suit. Titanfall 2 has taken OW route as far as DLC goes. I hope more developers go this route as well. There is money to be made on micro-transactions. RnG boxes are a big hit and OK as long as you can earn them in game, and they don't offer a competitive advantage.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I partly blame piracy for the $100+ cost for full games. Sure games like battlefield are extremely fun and popular and dlc can be justified, but I often think that season passes for online games (that can't be pirated or they get banned) are primarily a way for the publishing company to make up for lost profits from offline games that were pirated instead of purchased. Whenever a game is announced with a season pass I think of it as the consumer paying a pirate subsidy to the game company. I've seen plenty of people saying EA and activision are greedy corporations with their season passes, but maybe they're making up their losses from other games. *shrug*

    3. DeathscytheX


      But they make all their money on console. XD PC gamers get mad that console gets all the Triple A love while hiding behind there "OMGZ PC master race 83947923748932 games for $1!!" But how many of those games are actually good? How many $1 don't just rot in a library without ever getting touched? The PC market gets treated like an afterthought now, getting shitty ports for big games. Hell they never got Red Dead Redemption.

    4. Sledgstone


      I've seen people on my steam list over the years playing pirated console games and flaunting it by launching them with steam as if to show off that they have a console only game on pc. -_-; I remember about 8 months after Last of Us came out I saw someone on my friend list playing it on PC. I know that was a pirated version. That same year Uncharted 3 and Last of Us both got 2 multiplayer map dlcs for $10 as if Naughty Dog was trying to compensate for lost sales.

      I wont lie, I have a huge back log of games. Mostly from those $1 humble bundles. XD I stopped buying those years ago unless they are AAA game studio bundles tho.

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