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  1. In a move of douchebaggery that should surprise no one,  you must have the Infinite Warfare disc for MWR to work. That's how desperate they are to make you keep their pile of shit in hopes that you'll play it and spend money on supply drops. Fuck you Activision. 

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    2. Sledgstone



      130 GB install for both games. O_O Probably because of PS4 Pro, all games coming out will be much bigger because of 4k support. I bet BF1 with all DLC and patches will be at least 250 GB within 8 months of it's release.

    3. DeathscytheX


      It will probably reach 200gigs at its max. Which is still a lot.  I want to say BF4 was 110-120gb with all dlc when I removed it.  

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Pfft, I told you but you all scoffed at me when I said it. Activision is nothing but a conglomerate of greedy ass motherfuckers that want you to buy a game you don't want to get one you do and require you to use the disc of that game to play the one you want. This pretty much guarantees no stand alone release of MWR.

      The disc requirement is only because it's not a DLC, it's a full game so that's why it's justified (in their opinion). Same can be said about the digital version as well. Honestly I expect this to happen more and more when publishers remake a game and bundle it with another because lets face it a lot of games coming out these days suck and the only way to sell them is with a gimmick like this.

      BF4 + all DLC (free and paid with Premium) comes to a total of 70.47 gigs (I'm looking at my storage right now so that's exact). It's not surprising both games will sit at 130 gigs. You're probably looking at close to 70-80 gigs for IW (or more, who knows) and 50-60 gigs for MWR (it's a remaster so the new textures and models will take up a lot of room), give or take a few gigs. So by the end of IW's lifetime you're probably looking at close to 200 like DX said since you can expect at least 4-5 map packs.

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