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  1. I finisned Aldnoah.Zero on Netflix. It was def one of the better mecha anime I've seen in a while. Serious plot, good political drama, awesome mecha design, and great action every episode. The emotionless child prodigy was a turnoff are first, but the supporting cast made it work. 

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    2. Sledgstone


      I finished season 1 tonight. I thought the ending was perfect. Then season 2 started and negated it all. wtf. >_< I'll finish season 2 this upcoming week. I hate emotionless child prodigies. If not for the lack of a female character preaching about pacifisim, this show could have been called "Gundam: Aldnoah.Zero" :P


      The Vers could have owned the earth so easily. But instead of fighting with a big army or at least with a squad, all their OP knights decided to be 1 many armies. I thought after the first couple died, they'd have wised up and grab some support troops, but nope.. they just keep falling like dominoes.

      The Vers empire doesn't make sense to me. If the power to initiate the power source could be transferred with a kiss and was tied to their genetic structure, the knights could have overthrown the emperor, force them to activate everything they need and keep him and his family in jail cells or restricted restraints to prevent them from killing themselves and thus deactivating the tech. There was no need for an actual cast system in their society as far as I can tell. Same with this little wheel chair girl in season 2. The Vers Empire's selective breeding of this power is probably why all these knights died against one kid prodigy / vulcan that had nothing more than an education and logic on his side. Since they were born into their privilege they didn't care about actual battle tactics or common sense like bringing support troops to a fight.

      Same with the princess. She is the typical weak character that is only important because she simply exists, acts as a plot device in only 1 or 2 key moments and is only important because of her parents, much like Eureka in Eureka 7 and Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins.

      I did like the battles in this. One of the things that really separate this from a gundam series is the lack of repeat fighting. At least for the first season. If this was gundam, everyone would fight, get more pissed at each other, then escape and go their separate ways, get some new suit upgrade, rinse and repeat. But with Aldnoah.Zero, they kill people and the plot progresses. Yay. :D The plot came together good in the end of season 1 and season 2 was just about to do some space battles right before I shut it off. Looks promising so far.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah, season 2 gets a lot better as it goes on. So do the battles. The whole feudal system makes the vers interesting.

    4. Sledgstone


      I finished this up yesterday. It definitely got better in season 2.


      I liked the other characters, like the PTSD guy, but no character got a hero moment in the entire series because Inaho was involved in every single enemy death. Just when I think one of the other characters was going to shine, Inaho intervened by shooting the enemy from space even tho he wasn't involved with the fight at all. Ruined that fight for me. lol. I'd have rather seen some good guys die as long as I could have seen a single fight that didn't involve Inaho.

      Inaho's eyeball was so powerful he could watch a battle in space while standing on the earth's surface. He basically had a satellite with an AI system in his head. His eyeball was the most advanced technology they had compared to Vers' mars tech. They could have put that AI and vision system into all their mechs for a huge advantage.

      A main character with a special left eye and a feudal system setting made the second season feel a bit too much like Code Geass. Even Slaine with his dodging ability in his mech was pretty much the same ability of that other guy in Code Geass.

      I didn't like Inaho. XD

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