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  1. Just watched Atari: Game Over on Netflix. I feel bad for the guy that made ET since he was given 5 weeks to do it. He made Yar's Revenge too, but he'll always be remembered for ET.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      That's one of the major problems with the industry and why some people don't like working in it. You make a great game and everyone wants to take credit (even if they did nothing), you make a shitty game and all the blame is put on one guy. I loved Yar's Revenge and that's what I'll remember him for. I really need to watch this though, been on my queue for months.

    3. DeathscytheX


      It's really good. ET could have been way ahead of its time if they weren't trying to make a last minute cash grab deadline. The concept was really good.

    4. Sledgstone


      Seeing the promotional work that went into the game really emphasized that cash grab. They built it up so huge. Commercials, an interview with Stephen Spielberg saying it was fun.. and then after christmas all the returns starting coming in with people pissed. lol.

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