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  1. Ah how I hate thee! I'm a run-n-gun type. Corner campers are my worst enemy X'D. I'm sure deep impact will limit the shield to a degree, at least with the LMG and heavier sniper rifles. I bet it's slow to swap back and forth with your weapon. I don't see myself using it for more than the purpose of the XP challenges.


    I also read that the perks will be upgradable from their basic versions to a pro version. I'm kinda skeptical on that because if Juggernaut remains, I can't imagine how many people are going to upgrade it, I'll be the first to upgrade stopping power. On the upside I'd like to see how an upgraded extreme conditioning would work. Anyways, these are the exact reason's for a public beta. People just don't play like they do in the videos. Its not accounting for the jump shooters, the drop shooters (I tend to drop shot a lot on certain maps and situations), and all the other crazy type of styles.

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