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  1. So just found out Spotify has all of the My Hero Soundtracks (I now have epic music to game to) and all the music from Zombie Land Saga on it (even the insert songs, I get to listen to Saki's song legally now. Fucking yay!). Completely lost my shit when I found out.

    Glad to see Spotify is starting to get more Japanese music streaming rights and is finally getting all those anime OPs/EDs that I love. Makes listening to them so much easier now (instead of rummaging through my 191 gigs of music). Now if only they'd get there hands on Myth & Roid's shit (outside of the one album) so I can listen to some Shadowgraph (they're extremely protective of their stuff as it all used to be up on Spotify then it was all removed suddenly).

    1. DeathscytheX
    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      You mean I get more Saki and Tae, fucking sign me up. God this has been a long wait for season 2, spring can't come fast enough.

      Also god damn is Jiraiya's voice actor getting a lot of work recently (narrator in the trailer), I've been hearing his voice so damn much lately (not complaining, I love his Japanese VA (he's the voice of Hakurou in Slime, damn near lost it when he started talking in the first season)).

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