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  1. I have to say I've played many MMORPG's over the years from good to bad but I don't think I've ever played one that has consistently proceeded to exceed my expectations like FFXIV has and Shadowbringers has more than done so. I think this expansion ranks up there as probably one of my all time favorites RPG's in general and all time favorite FF game ever (yes beating out FFIX) that's how wonderful it is.

    Yea I know, FFXIV fanboy praising his addiction but SE and the XIV team have really outdone themselves with this expansion. The story is phenomenal from start to finish with a very emotional plot, some of the best dungeon's I've ever had the pleasure of grinding through (with the exception of one), phenomenal boss fights (that final fight is amazing, I can't wait to see the Extreme mode of it), great character writing (even better than before, I'm more attached to these NPC's then I ever was before), and an amazing soundtrack (I refuse to listen to music while playing in 90% of the zones because I love it so much). Granted this is just the base Shadowbringers, there's still two years of patches to go through and my opinions might change later on (I mean we still don't have raid access and the Nier 24-man doesn't launch until Oct) but I don't think I've ever felt this complete and satisfied with a game expansion/dlc. Yoshida and his team really outdid themselves this time and I look forward to the next two years of content and the next expansion to come.

    On another note I've learned that I can't do hardcore gaming hours anymore. After 3 days of 12-16 hour gaming sessions (Friday - Sunday) I'm really feeling my age (sad to say when I'm only 33). I've never been this physically and mentally exhausted in my life (and my job is both on a daily basis). Thank fucking god I'm on vacation this week to recover. Don't think I'll be doing this for the next expansion but is was totally worth it for the payoff we got in the end. Also thinking I should post updated pictures of my character since she's gone through some pretty drastic changes since the last time.


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    2. DeathscytheX


      I ended up starting out with Archer, purely for thigh highs XD. Nah, in reality I always play tank classes so I decided to go with something different. But I've barely put in any combat, mostly just running errands right now. I will say this game is fucking beautiful. I do like how the movement controls are like GW2. Sweet Christmas its rare to find an MMO that doesn't rely on an action camera or the mouse cursor to turn your character/camera rather than A/S/Q/E. I think Blade and Soul would induce my vertigo because I'd fidget the mouse while in combat making the camera sway back and forth. 

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Archer is pretty fun to play, especially once it becomes Bard (it's a blast at 80 from what I hear which is great because Bard is my 4th favorite job to play after Samurai, Ninja, and Scholar (still need to level it to 80 though)). Lucky for you the trial goes until level 35 so you can unlock Bard and try it out (as well as any other class and job that's not locked behind an expansion (Dark, Astro, and Machinist are locked behind Heavensward. Samurai and Red Mage behing Stormblood. Dancer and Gunbreaker behind Shadowbringers)). I'll warn you though the ARR content is a rough grind through (it's fun in the early game but gets tedious as fuck once you clear the main story of ARR) and causes a lot of potential new players to quit due to the sheer content to go through.

      Not going to lie with the tank changes they are so much more fun to play then they ever have been. Sadly you're stuck to Glad/Paladin and Mara/Warrior but both have their fun aspects if you want to try out a tank (I prefer Paladin since I like to solo old content but Warrior is a freaking beast in the right hands).

      Hmm, must be your router settings then. I dl'd all of Shadowbringers in 20 minutes on a 6-12 mb dl (after I had to fuck with my setting because it kept killing itself, didn't stay constant). Then again you were downloading the entirety of ARR which is pretty fucking huge (Shadowbringers was only 7.5 gigs or so).

      I honestly think you'll enjoy it once you start getting further along. Dungeons are a blast to play through and the story is pretty fucking good in ARR (not Shadowbringers good sadly but still good. Sadly a lot of the quests are rather repetitive but what quests aren't in an MMO). Plus the community is awesome and most people are always willing to help you out if you need it (don't know what server you're on but for the most part every server is full of helpful and friendly people).

    4. DeathscytheX


      I do like that there is kill credit for enemies someone else engages. Not quite like GW2 where you get full XP, but better than every other MMO outside of these two. Repetitive quests for me only get bad when you're fighting with someone else to kill things to complete it. XD I also have to get use to how armor works. I totally screwed by picking a hooded chest peice not knowing you can't wear head gear when its equipped. I regret it mostly because it looks like trash and I only picked it for its higher stats. But meh, It'll be replaced soon enough.

      I dunno if it was my router settings. GW2 updates download at 10mbps. Anything outside of a launcher downloads at 60-100mph. Launchers have always downloaded way slower than my internet speed. I just figured it was launchers.

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