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  1. So it might be a tad bit early but I'm thinking that The Promised Neverland is going down as my anime of the year (beating out Boogiepop, Demon Slayer, and Fruits Basket). Man was that a fun trip through some pretty gruesome themes and interesting concepts. Highly suggest watching this when it gets dubbed (unless you want to watch it subbed (I mean come on it's that good)).

    I knew going into it that it was a horror/psychological anime but boy do they trick you when you first start watching it as it's all fun and games right until the end of the first episode. Quite honestly I really don't know how to summarize my thoughts on the show because it's hard to really say anything without ruining the shows premise and horror element (which they really drive home in the latter episodes).

    I will say the story is pretty damn good from start to finish even if they leave you with more questions then they do answers (I know they'll get into that later (it got greenlit for another season) but they really do a bad job setting up why things are the way they are in the first season but I guess its the same in the manga), the characters for the most part are intriguing and interesting (most of the secondary cast it rather bleh but the main characters really sell the show and does the main antagonist)), animation is top notch and damn well done (some of the best this year only taking second to Demon Slayer for me), and the soundtrack is damn good (that opening though, not Demon Slayer topping but still damn good).

    Honestly I'm disappointed I didn't watch it when it was airing but I'm glad I could just marathon through it in three days because waiting each week for one new ep would of been painful. Happy its getting a second season but I'm sad that won't be until next year at the earliest. Solid 9/10 for me (would of gone 10/10 but there were a few things I had issues with toward the end). Now I just need to watch Kaguya-sama and Quintessential Quintuplets and I'll be caught up on last seasons shows that I wanted to watch.

    1. DeathscytheX


      So early to call. XD Currently Slime is a top contender for me. But I have no doubt it will get knocked off by something as there's still plenty of months left. I just watched the first ep of shield hero and i find it hilarious people got mad about this ep. It was nothing compared to Goblin Slayer's first ep. Then I'm watching YU-NO where the main characters step mom is blackmailed into intercourse. It didn't show any of it, but heavily implied it with wet bed sheets and a trashcan of condom wrappers (How is this TV-14 funi? wtf?). Honestly, that one made me cringe harder than the other two. Although I don't think I'll ever get as angry as when Lafter got murdered out of the blue in IBO.

      Wow. that was a tangent. Anyways, yeah Shield Hero... pretty good so far... but man, Isekai is becoming to anime what FPS is to gaming. I kinda wish we could go back to a Mecha golden age.

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