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  1. Totally hyped for the new expansion for FFXIV, Shadowbringers, after this mornings announcements at the Fan Fest in Paris. We're getting a 24-man raid devoted to Nier called YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse and Yoko Taro is overseeing its creation, fucking sweet. It's supposed to further the Nier story as well (and if the concept art is to be believed it's sometime after the Automata storyline).

    Say what you will about FFXIV but god damn do we get some awesome shit due to Square-Enix properties and their connections. I just fucking hope I can finally get my 2B glamour I've been wanting for my character. This just mean I need to quit being lazy and beat Automata before October (when this should probably launch since the expansion comes out in July).

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Really I'm more underwhelmed by certain aspects of the game, mostly the gun play (it feels really slow and clunky with and emphasis on certain weapons. Don't get me wrong Destiny 2 has a lot of issues but the one thing I thought Bungie did right was the gun play (though their constant need for balance fucks that up more often then not)). Don't get me wrong I had fun when we tried to do the Stronghold and I certainly did enjoy certain aspects of what we were given I just feel the game still needs a lot of work. I get this is a 6 week old build but if that's the state the game was in 6-7 weeks ago I don't really have high hopes for the final build (yes lots of work can be done in that amount of time but still). Plus it's obvious EA/Bioware really needs to beef up their server structure because the amount of issues it had was not good. Honestly I don't feel I'd get my $60 worth if I bought it in it's current state. I'll wait for reviews and opinions from those I trust before I make the decision to buy it or not but with me dropping $200+ on Shadowbringers on Wed (when pre-order goes live, I must have the Collector's Edition (yea I'm obsessed with CE's)) I need to pick and choose what I spend my money wisely this year game wise (kinda the reason why I'm also not purchasing The Division 2 (well that and the fact that I have no faith in it being better than The Division)). And again I'm just having issues getting excited to play games on my PS4 (fuck I've barely played my Switch and I adore SSBU, I just haven't had the time).

      I will beat Nier before October because I'd be doing myself a disservice of not doing so. I love the story so far, the combat has really grown on me (though I do find myself having some issues here and their), and I love the amount of exploring and random shit I can do. As I said time constraints and being lazy has pushed it to the side (and I was doing so good to, I was trying to get in 1-3 hours on Sundays but then I started getting sidetracked by shit on Netflix and Youtube) and FFXIV hasn't helped any with that as well (which is odd since I'm in the middle of major patch content without much to do, I find myself doing minor shit that's not important to what I'm currently trying to do).

    3. DeathscytheX


      The gunplay is underwhelming. It took me a while to realize why I was having such ammo trouble until I realized the game is more about L1 and R1 spam while using the guns to fill the gap. Which already presents a problem since the max damage comes from primers and igniters. Yet they've bothered to put in some skills that aren't either. People are already expressing concern over build limitations and stale metas. We'll see how it plays out.

      The Division 2 mechanically will most likely be the same. I'm fine with that. The TTK is better, and the engine has been upgraded to handle aspects of the game better like the armor revamp that will do away with those one shot shotgun rushers that plagued the first game for the sake of "difficulty". But you're right, it will most likely follow a similar formula in a new setting. It works for me. I dunno what it is about it, but the game has always had a gritty old school charm to it. With all the expansions being free for year one, I just have to dive in.

      Speaking of SSBU, I reallllly want 2B with A2 as her echo fighter. I'm kinda jealous Soul Caliber got her.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      My only worry is the story. I get it not everyone played The Division for the story but I actually enjoyed it and they never continued the main story from vanilla The Division which always rubbed me the wrong way (yea I know there's audio files and what not down in the Underground that kinda give you some semblance of where Keener went but the 3 dlc's never continued that story). I was kinda hoping they'd continue that story with the 2nd game (back before we knew we were getting one) and it looks like it won't due to the setting and what little we can glean from the trailers. I actually really liked the gameplay for the original, it's probably one of the better looter shooters our there even if the drop RNG sucked balls originally (I really like what they did with the game by adding it loot caches for leveling up and adding that new pier area, it really added more to do). My only real problem is the fact that while you can, technically, play the game solo it's obvious the game is structured to be played with friends and The Division 2 even more so (while that's not difficult for most people to accomplish it's hard for me when I have no other friends buying it besides you, all my other friends hated the original and have no interest in this one) and that really sucked the fun out of it for me which is why I quit playing The Division. I honestly hope its a good game but I won't be buying it unless it gets stellar reviews (much like my thoughts on Anthem).

      Heh, 2B would break SSBU like she did Soul Caliber so maybe it's a good thing she's not in it (though I would not be against it and it's not like there aren't plenty of other characters that break the game).

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