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  1. So after counting the cash and gift cards I got for my birthday in Oct and for Christmas I finally just broke down and ordered a Switch today all because I want the new Smash Brothers (damn you Nintendo, why do you do this to me. You know I have an obsession with SSB).

    So yeah, I now get to start the journey of being a Switch owner (I just wish it didn't cost so much freaking money x.x).

    1. DeathscytheX


      Smash is amazing. I beat World of Light two days ago. It took me around 34 hours. Quite impressive for a "campaign". It wasn't perfect, and there were a lot of things they could have improved on it to make it truly in depth and interesting. But for what it is, it's a blast for sure. If Kirby, Mario, Marth or Shiek isn't one of your best, you might be waiting a long time to unlock someone you love though. There is a cheese method, but I went with the legit route. At least the larger, heavier characters are worth plaything. They're quite nimble while keeping their power. Bowser was super clutch for me at times when I needed more damage per hit, and I've never liked playing as him. By the end of it I was flipping between my main Ness, Lucina, and Fox, with a sprinkle of Captain Falcon, Belmont, and Bowser.

      Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are fantastic games as well. I have a lot of smaller games like Mega Man 11 and the Blaster Master remastered. I typically save those for when I'm sitting at the repair shop waiting on maintenance. It may not be my most played console, but its def the most clutch console for boring situations.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Good thing I was good with Marth in the Gamecube version (though that was years ago) though I was even better with Roy or Link (and I'm not to shabby with Kirby or Pikachu). I've seen quite a bit of the game through watching streamers and that's what made me want it (well that and my co-worker gushing about it). Can't wait until it gets here next week because this should provide me with plenty of shit to keep me busy until Ace Combat comes out (well Nier as well, I'm still nowhere near beating it yet).

      I'm thinking once I get the money I'll be picking up Octopath Traveler (I'm a sucker for old school JRPG's) and I might pick up BotW (I'm not overly that interested in it since I've never been the biggest Zelda fan (the only Zelda game I've ever enjoyed was A Link to the the Past) but the open world aspect had me intrigued (and from what I've seen of it the story is phenomenal)). I'm pretty much getting it for those reasons as well, will be nice to have for road trips and the occasional visit to the mechanic instead of staying glued to my phone like I usually do.

    3. DeathscytheX


      If you like Marth, Lucina is freaking amazing. I instantly fell in love with her when I tried her out after unlocking her. She has the same move set, but her sword does damage equally across the whole blade rather than the tip having the most power like Marth. To me it just feels better all around. The last one I played was Brawl, but not very much of it as I didn't really care for Wii and I never got a Wii U. That being said, a lot of the characters are brand new to me since I missed a lot of time. I logged endless hours on Melee, I'm sure you'll get your bearings quick once you jump in like I did. For the most part, all the classic characters feel exactly the same, except Gannondorf, they changed some of his moves slightly, I guess to make him less of a Captain Falcon heavy. They also got rid of a lot of cheese. Its much harder to back carry someone off the side and toss them with DK, or ledge drop and spit with Kirby.

      I'm not an old school JRPG fan, but I almost did get Octopath, and then Ys: VIII caught my eye and I never looked back. The great thing about Octopath is it will be one of those games that lasts  the full 6 hours off battery.

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