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  1. Sigh, I actually had to break down and get a FunimationNow account because half the shows I was planning on watching on CR got pulled yesterday (and I didn't actually realize Funi had the license). Going to go broke if this shit keeps happening >.<

    1. DeathscytheX


      I figured this was going to happen. Content wise I figured CR was getting the most benefit from the deal. I guess they thought taking a gamble that people will sub because of lost content was more valuable than free content from cross licensing.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Honestly I didn't lose much is this split. I'm just sad I have to spend $6 a month just to watch the shows I had planned on watching since CR had them (like Chrono Crusade and Time Travel Girl) and I can't afford to buy them/take a chance on not liking them. Once I watch the 8-10 shows I had planned on I will be ditching the Funi account because, in all honesty, CR has much more to offer me then Funi ever will since I watch subtitled anime exclusively (plus CR has, with few exceptions, had most of the simulcast licenses for years). Plus CR didn't lose everything, only stuff they have actual physical releases for before putting them up for streaming (like the aforementioned titles). They still have the streaming rights to shows like Saga of Tanya the Evil, One Piece, Dragonball Super, My Hero, Attack on Titan, and etc.

      Honestly everyone kinda loses out but I do agree CR got the raw end of the deal if you were using it for Funi sub titles exclusively but for those like me it really wasn't much of a loss. I'm just glad I got to finish watching Heat Guy J before this happened (well I would of watched in on Funi I guess but I'm just glad I got it watched before hand).

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