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  1. Originally I wasn't going to say anything until I actually finished watching the series (which should be Monday or Tuesday night) but you were right DX, The Ancient Magus' bride is spectacular and I say this after only watching 15 episodes.

    I have to say it's up there with Violet Evergarden for both visuals and story (and it's been awhile since I've seen a show that has completely drawn me in to the point that I sacrifice sleep just to watch another episode). I honestly didn't think the premise would suck me in this much but I'm glad it did (and both episodes with Nevin were extremely well done (I shed some manly tears they were so emotionally impacting)).

    I honestly have to say this is probably going down as one of my favorites shows from the last few years (which isn't really hard considering my problems with the last few seasons), only taking second to the masterpiece that was Violet Evergarden. I can't recommend this show enough for those who want a story driven show focused on character development and world building (I'm just sad I only have 8 episodes and 3 OVA's left, really hope this gets another season once the manga gets further along).


    1. DeathscytheX


      Chise's character development really makes the show, and they do a wonderful job of world and lore building along side the character development without stalling or dragging things out to do it. We definitely need more quality content like this and Violet Evergarden. 

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Yes it does and they do such a wonderful job of showing her progress as she goes from being a shell to finally being the person she is. The world building is wonderful especially how they slowly introduce you to the various different things to be found on the magical side (from introducing you to the land of the dragons to the Fae Lands).

      I finished the OVA last night and the main series Monday and I have to say overall this show was a complete joy to watch. I'm not really hip on how they ended the series but I understand that that was all the material they had to work with as the manga isn't really much further then that (nor am I to happy with how things turned out for Chise, being stuck in a situation like that kinda sucks). The OVA was a nice look into Chise's past and really helped cement how bad her childhood really was (and boy was it horrible, I feel so sorry for her having to put up with that (I do find it funny how it mirrors Natsume's childhood from Natsume's Book of Friends (an extremely wonderful show that I think you'd like if you haven't seen it yet, both shows deal with ostracized main characters but the over all story is completely different))). Overall I really loved this show and can't recommend it enough (so fucking happy Funimation has the license for this, totally buying it when it comes out on BD).

      Sadly I don't mark it as high as VE because I think VE sets the bar extremely high but I don't disagree, we really need more quality content like this and VE. I'm really sick and tired of all the harem shows, over-the-top action shows (a few here and there are fine but the market is over saturated (though I believe we need more MHA, way more MHA), and the general run of the mill shit we always get (I can't add school related shows here, I actually enjoy those).

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