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  1. So I was bored yesterday and played some of the Overwatch free weekend (sadly I won't have anymore time to play it). Quite honestly I'm actually considering buying it now because Quickplay was not as bad as it was last time. It seems either people have learned to play the game. Really like a lot of the changes the game has gone through since the last time I played (really happy to see you can only have one of each hero on a team now, such a fucking lovely change). I actually think I could stomach the grind to 25 to play comp now (if I could find the time to play it, I'm working on my Bard's Anima Weapon in FFXIV and I've got less than a month till early access for the expac launches (and I still have to beat ME:A and Horizon)).

    I've also pretty much proved that I'm going to be stuck playing healers as I have lost all skill at playing anything but them. Went on a tear with Lucio last night, getting play of the game for knocking two people off the map on Ilios and getting three more kills on top of it. I have to say if I didn't love Mercy as much as I do I'd have to say Lucio is my favorite hero (also got a Legendary skin for him, not to hip on it as its the blue hockey one but still it was a nice gain from a lootbox). I also wall skated my way out of dying in the center well on the first part of Ilios, was pretty fucking epic (considering I didn't think it could be done).

    I also have to point out that I really like Orisa. I never actually played as her but she was a major reason as to why my group won on Defense for Volskaya in the first part of the map (that place down shield is powerful with the right set up). She's a very nice addition to the hero lineup. Also have to say I fucking hate Sombra, in the right hands she's a fucking nightmare.

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Nah, everyone was too green to even know the "Pharmercy" combo or they just weren't using it. Honestly I barely ran into anyone on the opposing team playing Phara (maybe two and they sucked, I easily killed them as Lucio). Out of 10 matches I only lost one because my team wouldn't play worth the shit and kept letting me die (I was playing Mercy and no one would protect me. I kept getting flanked by Genjis, Sombras, and Tracers). I was honestly surprised by how well we were doing, I'm not wondering if some of the players I was with were high levels playing on a different profile (some of them were too good to have just picked up the game). All in all I had a great time. Wished the game was like this when it launched as I might of actually bought it once I got a job (still might but that lack of free time is what will kill me. Well that and short on funds since the computer purchase (which I still haven't gotten, that's for a rant on another day)).

      No wonder Lucio felt like a god last night. I didn't know they buffed his gun damage. I got a 15 player killer streak with him and was wondering if it was a fluke (honestly didn't feel like I should of done that well). I was murdering fools left and right (and I went one on one with a Junkrat in a small room and won, I'm going to blame it on lack of skill because he should of killed me multiple times). Funny you should say that about Orisa because I was eating Reinhardt's for lunch last night. Did he get nerfed because he seems to be a lot more squishy then I remember him being (I was chewing through him with Lucio and actually killed one three times with melee attacks (that had more to do with his skill then him being weak))? Like I said I never played Orisa but the teammate who was playing as her must of knew how to play her well because they did amazing, only dying once because I was brought down by a Reaper flank. I forgot to mention that the Play of the Game I got with Lucio shutdown a Hanzo and a McCree before they got off their supers (was hilarious to hear Hanzo start his chant to all of a sudden hearing him die), thought that was worth mentioning since I've never did that before.

      Meh, I've heard that about comp. I've also heard it's become a cesspool as well, much like LoL/DOTA/Smite when it comes to party chat. It's probably a good thing no one talks on PS4 (previous comment was made based on the Xbox Community). Honestly I'd probably just end up doing what you do but that's mostly due to lack of free time. I'm used to people not talking in competitive games, R6S rarely has anyone talk during a match. While frustrating it doesn't bother me since I always play objectively to begin with so as long as I'm pulling my weight I don't care how the match ends (though I will admit to fits of rage in R6S when people don't play correctly or fucking ignore me when I'm calling out enemy locations or for help).

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah Lucio's gun was buffed in damage and the speed of the orbs was increased by 30%. Rein hasn't been nerfed... Lucio is just that good on offense now. Thats why I hate playing Mercy unless I'm with friends. No one protects you, but they expect heals in the middle of a clusterfuck... something only Lucio/Ana and to a lesser extent Zen can do. Thats also why I don't like playing Rein... once again no one protects you... because no one stays behind your shield. -_-; Reapers and Tracers just slaughter me, or make me turn around only to get Hanzo'ed. :x But yeah, Lucio can just get around those shielded characters and pressure hard.... if you're Rein or Orisa and you try to come in without waiting on your team, I'm going to kill you. I've gotten as high as 25 kills and earned gold medals across the board with him. 

      I love playing Zen too, but I rarely get to do it because people will switch off Mercy or Lucio thinking you're a primary healer. -_-; Zen is a long stronger than the last time you played him too. He recovered from his L2 super fast now, and his L2 can crossmap snipe. Ana and Roadhog are the only ones that really have had hard nerfs since last free weekend. Genji, Torb, Junkrat, Winston, Mercy, Lucio, and Reaper were all buffed in certain ways since last time. Reaper auto reloads out of wrath form now, its really nice.

    4. DeathscytheX


      A lot*

      D.Va was nerfed too, but I think her buff and nerf took place between the last free weekend, so she probably just feels the same to anyone that's only played in those times.

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