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  1. Finally ended up breaking down and paying for a Crunchyroll membership on Sunday (cancelled my TOR subscription since I've done everything the game has to offer for now) since it seems the hay day of fansubs is dead (and I was dying to watch IBO season 2 and now I can finally get caught up on Sailor Moon Crystal (god that just sounds wrong)). Gotta say, and believe me it hurts to say this, they've really come a long way since I last used them back when they were doing this illegally. Great quality, passable subs (need a little more work on localization but they're better then they used to be), and I get to watch everything on my TV instead of my computer (major bonus for me).

    My only gripe is I wish they had more to offer. Their selection is rather small for having a partnership with Funi (then again I've seen pretty much everything I want to see that Funi has to offer). Meh, hopefully they'll continue to grow and get more stuff (and hopefully older stuff, a lot of the newer shows these days suck).

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    2. DeathscytheX


      ROTFLMAO I forgot about the 4Kids Smoker, he always looked so weird with his mouth gaped. XDXD It was a big difference. I watched up to a little past chopper and it was a lot different. Whats funny to me is that Colleen Clinkenbeard does Luffy for Funi. She actually sounds pretty much the same as Bella Hudson who did it for 4kids. Its funny because Clinkenbeard pretty much uses the same sexy Erza Scarlet voice for every role she does, so Luffy was out of left field. XD She said she can only do about 4 hours of recording a day in that voice though. They probably should have just went with a different voice altogether. Like how the DBZ Ocean dub and Funi dub have different Vegeta voices.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Yea it was the 4Kids dub but like I said I pretty much know what happens in every arc up to Marineford from reading the Wiki and from my obsessed friend (plus I have seen some of the stuff subbed). I already planned on watching it from the beginning because I know just how horrible 4Kids was at stripping everything they thought was offensive from the shows they released. Honestly even if I had seen the Funi dub I'd probably restart anyways since its been a long time since I've seen any of One Piece (plus, as you all know, I prefer watching anime subbed because I can't stand the English VA's).

    4. Sledgstone


      I agree with subs for One Piece. I've gotten used to watching anime dubbed all the time now, But even with Funi's dub I couldn't get into it. 4kids did make me a One Piece fan, its a shame so many people's introduction to the series had to be so half assed and censored tho.

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