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  1. Been screwing around in the Ghost Recon beta these last few days. Gotta say the game is fun but you can definitely tell it was made to be played with friends. Don't get me wrong the A.I. squad mates are better then what you would get in other games (almost as good as the A.I. squad mates from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (which this game has some similar mechanics to)) but a lot of the missions seem to be built with the idea of going in with 3 other players due to enemy patrol routes and placements. Beyond that gun play is pretty solid (a little wonky at times but this is a beta), combat is quick and sometimes relentless (I made a minor mistake approaching a base in the new area for the beta and damn near paid for it with my life (fucking enemies called in 2 choppers, still trying to figure out how I survived it)), and the story is pretty good for a Tom Clancy game (not generally into Tom Clancy stuff but this game and the Rainbow Six games have always had relatively good stories to go along with good game play).

    Honestly if it wasn't coming out a week after Horizon and two weeks before Andromeda I'd probably buy it but no, Ubisoft had to pick the worst time to release it. If you get a chance this weekend try it out, the beta runs until Monday and it's definitely worth a quick play through (even if you don't get through the entire first area you'll get a good feel for the game play and what the story is about in the first few missions).

    1. DeathscytheX


      Some of my friends said they are getting this game. I haven't tried the beta even though I've downloaded it. The Division left a bad taste in my mouth to trust Ubi again for a while. And like you said, there is a shit ton of amazing single player games coming out over the next few weeks.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, while The Division was a huge let down (I mean come on, we got a barely complete game with little to no replay value beyond gear grinding (uh oh, I think Ubi took a page out of Bungie's book with that one)) I generally still have trust and faith in Ubisoft (I mean I play Rainbow Six and I'm still looking at getting For Honor). I mean they released by far one of the best games I've played in years and actually got me to cry when it ended (Valiant Hearts, I cannot stress enough how great this game is), EA and Activision have yet to do that in a long time (yea I know EA has ME and TOR but I still consider Bioware to be it's own entity and you can't convince me otherwise (because if you do you will destroy my little world of delusions that I live in)).

      Honestly I can see Wildlands delivering on what The Division failed to do. Just looking at the map alone there will way more content at release for Wildlands than there was for The Division (which is sad because The Division probably has the better of the two stories here, sadly it doesn't seem Ubi has any intention of giving us any more story in The Division (as far as I know there has been no continuation from where the final story mission left off)). Plus, the way the story is set up, you have 5 Lieutenants per Under Boss (that each run their own area of the map) making a total of 24 enemies you need to take out before taking out El Sueno (the big boss). That right there is already more content then The Division has gotten since release (and this will all be at release). I digress though. Like I said if this game had a better release window I'd most likely buy it (I should add if I had friends buying it as well, while I'm sure at least a few of the people on my friends list will get it I rarely play with them so it wouldn't be worth it to buy this game (most of those friends are ones I met through Siege)) but Horizon is going to take me at least until Andromeda releases to beat (40-50 hours of game play on my limited free time I'll be lucky if I finish by then) and if Andromeda is anything like it's predecessors then I'm looking at over 70 hours of game play there (most likely more since I'll need to do everything and see everything possible before I'm content) so I'll have no time to squeeze this in (not to mention FFXIV as well, that's at least 15-20 hours of my week alone).

      While I'm happy we're getting all these options for great games (probably the first time in quite a few years that I have more then 2 games I want to buy) I really wish these companies would time their release windows better, makes it really hard to choose which games to buy when they release them all at the same damn time (not to mention hard on my wallet).

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