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  1. So I'm going to go find a hole and hide in it for the next 4 years, anyone want to join me? I have snacks and video games. (This is all I will say on what happened yesterday).

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I'd take the Rock over the corrupt shitbags we have in political offices now thinking about 2020/2024. At least he's a decent person. XD I think the media learned their lesson with Trump. West is more prone to flying off the handle than even Trump is. They'd just ignore him like Ron Paul. Like I said he could run as independent and do some damage for the reasons Sledge mentioned. But I don't think he's willing to spend as much of his personal wealth to win a primary like Trump did in the first place. 

      The oversight the Democrats have right now is they're too busy pounding on social issues while people were pissed off about health care, national debt, international weakness, and jobs. When people's lives are getting fucked up financially, they don't give two shits about other people's lifestyle issues. You can't want something better for someone else when you're in the shit hole yourself. 

      I see some people I went to school using the usual talking points "I want poor people to have health care because I'm not a bad person!" motherfucker, yes you are if you don't care how they get it. The government can come out and say X more number of people now have coverage. Forget that the coverage is shitty and to pay for it, it's now more expensive for those that use to be able to afford it. Remember when you could just walk into the Dr office and see them? Not anymore, you better have already been a regular patient there or you'll be waiting months to see the doctor. I learned that shit when I had vertigo. It was a 3-4 month wait to see any doctor or specialist. Urgent Care is the only place you can go if you wake up sick and the doc is booked for the day... Good luck there, they just tell you to go see your regular doctor and take $120 from you if you have something more than a basic fever or cold. Oh the unemployment rate is getting better? Too bad it doesn't account for the fact that 90 million people aren't participating in the labor force, and when the government report said they created X number of jobs,  it's all bullshit part time work in which 1 person probably holds 3 of those new jobs. People's way of life has better getting worse over the last 8 years, and activism isn't on the top of their priority list. 

    3. DeathscytheX



      Basically this guy. Lol

    4. Sledgstone


      It takes months to just see a regular doctor? O_O I used to go to a small doctor's office with restricted hours but switched to a larger joint doctor office years ago and they're open 7 days a week. My insurance has Teledoc too, but I've never felt the need to skype with a doctor when the doctors I go to can always get me in the day I call them. Medicaid in NY state has Teledoc too. Specialists are another story tho. I've had to wait 3 months to get a specialist appointment before. x_x

      I know theres some real hate out there for Trump right now. It all stems from the negative comments hes made over the course of the campaign. Just like the negative crap Hillary said that was stated in that video. Everyone has been "hate watching" everything both candidates have said and it helped make everyone furious at them. If Hillary won, all her supporters would have been labeled as clones of herself like republican voters are being labeled as clones of him. Now that the election is over the huge hatred of each individual candidate is now being superimposed in the minds of both groups of 59 million people that voted for each of them. Some of these people turned that hatred into protests, others have wanted to start working on impeachment proceedings. On the other side, the winners feel vindicated and call the others sore losers and crybabies while in actuality theres a large chunk of those people (millions) going thru anxiety attacks thinking theres 59 million trumps out there waiting to grab them by the pussy and deport their mothers. It'll calm down after a while once the dust starts settling but that could last for a long time. This election will definitely be remembered as having the 2 most unpopular major party candidates in history.

      On a side note, I honestly don't like Trump and many of his positions. Half my family voted for Trump and the other half voted for Hillary (same with about half the people I know on facebook). I don't always agree with relatives and friends on their decisions, but I don't expect everyone to agree with me either. Life moves on. I wish I still drank alcohol. I'd have drank a bottle of whisky throughout this week. XD

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