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  1. With the amount of time PSN is "down for maintenance" I should of just stuck with Microsoft and bought a XBone, at least Live is up more then it's down. All I wanted to do was watch some god damn Netflix tonight but no someone is either DDoSing them again or they just suck at announcing maintenance times. /grumble

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    2. Sledgstone


      I don't get is why the hell we should even have to connect to PSN to watch netflix at all. I blame the BF1 beta tho. We use netflix at least 5 days a week on Lady's account on our PS3 (she is set to autologin on that device for auto updates to the system) and the only time we've had PSN interrupt us in the past 4 years is whenever there is a large beta happening. I'm assuming its people that hate Sony / EA and are DDOSing PSN but PSN is saying "maintenance" my ass its maintenance. The same "maintenance" happened during the BF3 and Destiny betas too and I can guarantee it'll happen the week of BF1's release too. Get a roku stick when you see one on sale. I use my roku every day and netflix has only screwed up a couple times on me over the last almost 2 years and I fix it by resetting my router. The youtube app on my roku is horrible because of how laggy the menu navigation is but once it's playing a video its fine. Netflix however runs the same on my roku as it does on the PS3/PS4. No lag and great performance.

      I have the equivilant of last years model of this one:


      I got it for a christmas present from my parents. They bought it on sale for $25 at the time. I recommend a roku to everyone. Want to watch netflix on another tv? or visiting a friend that doesn't have netflix? This thing fits in your pocket. Plug it into any tv, setup the wifi connection and its all set. It plugs in the hdmi port and it comes with a power cord that you can either plug into the tv's usb port or use the power adapter it comes with. It periodically updates the apps and resets itself when not in use. I even have the time warner app on this and it acts like an extra cable box.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I might have to pick one of those up but I don't have an open HDMI port on my TV (it only has 3 and all are used (one for the retarded cable box, one for the PS4, and one for my 360 (which I guess I could unhook since I never use it))). If I wasn't so damn lazy I could turn on the 360 to watch Netflix but the damn thing feels like it takes 3 years to load the dashboard. I could also watch it on my phone or my laptop but meh, it's just so much nicer to lie down in bed and watch it on the TV. My main grumble is why are they increasing Plus prices when there network is shit compared to Live which can justify the price you pay for it (yea Live has it's own problems but Microsoft did a great job on it that the problems are few and far between). The other grumble is that it always goes down when I plan on doing something on my PS4 (like last week when I tried to catch up on Youtube vids and last night when I was actually going to get on Netflix for once) that doesn't revolve around gaming (and I agree apps like Netflix and Youtube shouldn't be tied to whether PSN is up or down).

      Funny thing is everyone was blaming it on the BLOPS3 DLC going live yesterday (or the fact that it'd go down when a major DLC releases, I got a kick out of that).

    4. Sledgstone


      Thats why I like my roku stick. Theres no network to go down to prevent you from using it. And I figured out today that I can use my phone's youtube app as the controller for my roku's youtube app (I thought that only worked for consoles). God that made using youtube so much easier for me today. I can even setup a queue of videos to watch and just sit back and enjoy. I've used this thing almost every day for almost 2 years and the only time I have issues with netflix (1 time netflix went down for a few hours, over 2 years) or my time warner app (time warner's app connection has issues about 3 times a month), its because those services are having issues and not the roku stick. Get one of these sticks and unhook the xbox and you wont regret it. Theres numerous apps that can be installed on it too. I have amazon prime, so I use the amazon video app on it and stream movies too.


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