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  1. Just got done trying out the Hawken release for PS4, gotta say its fun as hell. Still learning the game but I find it more enjoyable to play with a controller then I did with a mouse and keyboard in the PC Alpha release. Definitely going to be playing quite a bit of this going forward (just need to get 98,000 HC to get the sharpshooter mech).

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I believe the download was 4.9 gigs, didn't get a chance to look at how much space it took installed.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Well I learned an important lesson today while playing, teamwork is a massive part of this game especially considering how mechs are set up (they must of dumbed the game down considerably from its original launch as there is no way to really customize mechs that I can see beyond appearance. I remember in the Alpha that we were able to customize weaponry but I don't see it on this version of the game (which sucks, some mechs are awesome but have shit weaponry)). I'm surprised how well a coordinated team can wipe the floor with the other team if they work together (and this is in Team Deathmatch, I haven't even tried the other game modes yet). One of my matches consisted of me getting the only kill and spending most of the match watching myself and my teammates getting destroyed left and right (I will say some of the death animations are hilarious). Of course this game also favors those who have unlocked the stronger, heavy mechs (Assault mechs just get the asses handed to them as they have no long range weaponry). I really can't wait to unlock the first sharpshooter mech so I can start wiping the floor with people (I was wrong it's only 9800 HC (I'm only 1300 away from it), the upgraded version is 25,000 HC).

      If you do start playing I highly suggest doing the tutorial first (the first one, the other two if you want to get practice in but the game is pretty good at matching you with others around you're Pilot level). It does an excellent job of teaching you the controls and the basics of the game (it does, however, not teach you effective gun ranges as the mech you use is a Type-B (mid-range mech) with mid-long range weapons (like I said if you unlock the Assault mech you're in for a rude awakening as it's a CQB mech). I highly suggest reading the descriptions of the guns on the mechs you might want to unlock so you know their effective ranges and also pick up the free PS+ mech they have in the store, it's a Type-A mech (light weight) with seeker missiles for both weapons but only unlocks at rank 5 I believe).

    4. Sledgstone


      Cool. I'm going to try it but I don't know how much time I'll put into it. I'm trying to get thru some of my backlog of games. I'll get a new graphics card soon (assuming I can buy one before they go out of stock) and once that happens I have a crap ton of pc games to play on max settings.

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