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    1. Sledgstone


      That is f*cking amazing. We could be in a galaxy like star wars and never know it. O_O

    2. DeathscytheX


      I think our galaxy would be more like Mass Effect. :P This is pretty awesome considering a few days ago we only knew of one that was circling way too close to its sun.

  1. Manafort is in jail. That's how ya MAGA. 


    1. Sledgstone


      That's some significant charges to. O_O

  2. Recession leaves many in employment limbo

    Many workers who still have a job fear the ax may fall at any time

  3. are using photoshop cs? I hate that thing

    If you still have photoshop 7 go back to it >.<

  4. aww

    ya did a good thing for old people!!!

    keep me posted ^_^

  5. cute piccie!

    miss joooooo

    we'll have to get together n dance soon :P

  6. dont panic!

    I'll leave aim on today n tomorrow!

  7. I dunno why...I just hate cs :P

    prolly cuz I have ps7 all dialed out with its extra fonts etc :P

    Do you still have 7 kickin around somewhere?

  8. I finally mailed yer stuffs out Friday...or was it Saturday...

    You should get it soon :P

  9. I think so

    lemme know if you find it!

  10. I used to listen to Silverchair back in the day.

    Frogstomp was one of my fav albums :)

  11. I'm on ch 428

    Takamaru's shit curse funniest thing evah!!!

  12. I've finished up Fairy Tail and I need more

    I'm lovin it!

  13. miss jooooo

    ~chu outgrew her Halloween dress that fast!

  14. mommy loves you cuz u are :


    onward to a bright future!

  15. omg Funk sent me the first demo for goodnight moon and it sounds awesome :)

    *is starting to get psyched*


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