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  1. wow dude, i cant begin to understand what you must be going through i mean i have alot of friends and family that went to iraq and Afghanistan and they all pretty much agree that afghanistan is the worse of the 2 evils and u guys dont get enough credit for what ur doing because of the war in iraq afghanistan just seems to get brushed under the rug like its no big deal and it isnt fare or media should be covering what is happening there too! well anyways i just wanted to take the time out and say thank you for what your doing for us and for the world! stay as safe as u can and if u need anything let me know!
  2. well were just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one cause i lived in NV and i loved every second of that heat i mean yah it gets hot but as long as u got a bottle of water and some sun screen it aint that bad compared to the stick shit we get here in ny, it sucks and than the other 1/2 year we are covered in 6 feet of freezing cold snow! i use to joke around with my dad and say we have differnt seasons here in ny than they do any where alse, we have blistering cold, sticky hot, construction in the sticky hot and than rainy muddy mess! lol!
  3. i just moved too but well i cant really tell u how to move ur shit cause my dad was suppost to bring mine down the next weekend and well it's been a month and i still dont have no furniure so i guess i havent really "moved" anything yet! lol
  4. You don't know heat yet goku. Come to Arizona now. The normal temp as of late has been 100+ and I fear this hot weather Dubie speaks of in August cause I hear it's deadly in Arizona. yah but you guys got to remember u got a nice dry heat as to where us over here on the east side get stuck wit humidity and have to get all stickey!!! it's really gross! you cant even drink something wit out the glass/bottle/can condinsation geting all over ur hands!
  5. Liz called me to tell me the storm blew her front door in. She's down in the village 0.o Shits cool here...I think. I don't see any wind damage yet i got it fixed now but the glass is deff cracked in two peices so i debating on weather or not to talkem out cause i dont want them to fall out and shadder on my floor! you know this prob wouldnt of happened if my dam slum lord had fixed the out side door when he was suppost to, and as for the heat these past few days in aint that bad! and it could be alot worse we could be back in winter! i think its funny how all winter long everyone bitches how cold it is and how much snow there is and than the min. we get some warm sun everyones bitchen that its too hot! i agree somewhere in the middle would me nice but i still would rather fry than freeze!
  6. so did you get them out yet poor little things, they are prob. just as scared as u remember that!
  7. my mom use to pick apart my body image to because she had an eating disorder it was because of this that i felt hugh all through school even though i scaled in at less than 100lb when ur 14 and ur mom is lighter than u r u begin to wonder what is wrong with you i think that is the same reason i developed an eating disorder of my own in the last couple of years as well as why when i am 23years old with 3 kids i still feel like shamoo at 120lb!
  8. Well just to update you i got home sunday to there being a note on my door from guy number 2 telling me he was sorry and than i found out last night that he went to some girls house and slept with her! He is saying all this stuff like he loves me and he thought i wasnt ever going to talk to him again so thats y he did it and that he doesnt want her he wants me! and normaly id be like yah right fuck u but he accually said all this in front of the other girl so i duno! I'm begining to feel my life is one BIG soapopra and its getting old quick!!!! I wish everyone would judt leave me alone and let me do my own shit for a while!!! My i will come visit u sis! "u know who u are!"
  9. so true i guess they are the only ones who really matter! Thanks!
  10. see thats why im so confussed! I just dont know! But some stuff happend last night that really kinda up set me! u see i have told the guy that i dont know and that im confussed and that i have a boy friend and i went to one of my friends houses and he called here like 15 times in one hour and the ringer was off so he preseded to call my cell phone and leave me 5 voice mails and im just kinda like dude back off and slow it down a bit cause in every other message he was pissed off saying im a dumb bitch and other bad stuff and than the next one hes like im sorry i love u and i wanna be with u id never hurt u im better than ur man ect... and it was just kinda like woh ive only been hanging out with u for a couple of days how can u love me?? Well anyways i havent talked tohim sance because i truely dont know what to say to him!
  11. AMI

    Everyday Normal Guy

    lol that was ummmm special! lol
  12. :confused:Ok i need advice! U see i have been with my boy friend for aprox. 2.5 years and i love him so much but... we live 1.5 hours away from one another and there are times when he is well a little less than nice to me like he will turn his phone off and not talk to me for days and he will yell at me for stupid stuff, but thats not why im confussed im confussed because a couple days ago this guy that lives with one of my friends that i kinda hang out with started chillen with me all the time and he says he really likes me and that he would do anything for me and that he would never hurt me, he knows i am with my boyfriend so he doesnt try anything but he gets really up set when my man starts his shit or does something to hurt me. and i do kinda like this kid so now i just dont know what to do!HELP! HELP
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