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  1. He does love her like his own child. It's so sweet the way he comes to save her. I love it all!!
  2. Ko-Inu


    Good 'cause I dont want to talk ablut it any more.
  3. Ko-Inu


    Well he can be in his deamon form anytime he wants. Human form if we were going out or hanging out. You cant just have him in one form, he's both.
  4. You can love Miyazaki no matter what age, and whatever annoying family members say. -Glares at family- I think his films are great, and I cant wait for more. ^-^
  5. I love Blood+. I have watched a few episodes on tv, but I dont have cable. So does any one have a good web site. Please and Thank you. ^-^
  6. Their are a hole lot of really good animes out there and everyone should watch them. ^-^
  7. Ko-Inu


    Deamon form, the way he's soppose to be. And dont try to change him!
  8. Ko-Inu


    Your not weird, that what makes him sexy. and he shouldn't change. lol He would be so cute in his dog form but smaller. Cute ^^
  9. Ko-Inu


    Yes,-wags tail 'Grrrrr'- my little puppy growl. My dog's growl is the same, she roles her R's, it's so cute.
  10. Ko-Inu


    I love InuYasha. Love the ears. True he needs to stop going after Kikyo, but what are you going to do.
  11. My contacts, My contacts, I cant find my contacts.
  12. I am the great and powerful Oz. You all must give me your cookies,... and those shinny thingies.
  13. I love all the infomation you can get on there. Their may not be a reason to the moon, but he wouldn't be him without it. But I love him anyway, no mater what.
  14. I bet we can look it up at wikipedia.
  15. Cloud of Sparrows -Takashi Matsuoka It's really good.
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