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  1. nattizo2

    Hip Hop/Rap

    lmfao/plz dont get me started on rap this site is really a place for rockers who dont really under stad rap but its ok there nuthing wrong with that but come on most people like m&mlike the way he talks about killin and stuff but now after years now that man is so wack right now i dont under stand what happened to that man and akon is like a one hit wonder i dont mean to offen noone when i say that nigga wack ass fuck. but its ok you know you should jam to its three 6 mafia back when they were under ground now thats were is at and rick ross that fatt ass nigga is pretty good and lil wayne.and young jeezy and if you dont understad what the say let me know and ill break it down for you .
  2. nattizo2

    New Albums!!!!!

    sorry i dont jam to that .now i jam to things from my town my city form miami like rick ross/trickdaddy/pitbull/trina/uncle luke and if it anit from my city i jam to three 6 mafia/lil wayne/50 cent well some times not really/young joc/young jeezy/lil john/2pac/T.I/and alil bit of rock like my chemical romance/um and a few more but i dont really know there names but really alot of people dont jam to rock.but hey what can you do.
  3. lol i from the hood and we never buy cd's. ha thats a good one why go buy something when you could get it for free on the internet and then burn it on a cd.
  4. nattizo2

    Need some

    how about going to imeem.com they got every type of music and you could make your own playlist right there just in case.
  5. this for the lady <rather be ya nigga> by 2pac thats for those who like rap which most of you dont but have its all good.
  6. i agree i dont think the wii is safe with all that movement unless its for one player.
  7. well its been almost a year since i have been to the ac. its been so long that i had to start a new profile cuz i stay forgetting the password of everything i have owell but i see everyone is still here and its all good and the sigs are pretty cool. or as my from cali would saw thats sick. well hala at me.
  8. i dont mind the voice acters i dont mind i think it is better then narutos voice and am sick of that nigga saying belive it.
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