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Well, it's finally happened

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Nope, yet another price drop:


Oh, Sony. As soon as it seems like it might be a good time to get a PlayStation 3, your people go and do something that makes it make more sense to wait. First, they launched it at an insane price-point. Then they dropped the price by $100 and axed the low-end 20-GB model, only to add a newer, 80-GB model at the old price.

Now things seemed to have settled down a bit, and it might be a good time to buy… right? Wrong. New rumors have it that the 80-GB PS3 will drop to $500, the 60-GB models will get the axe, and a new 40-GB model will hit for $400. Make up your mind, Sony! You launched a year ago with a 60-GB and 20-GB lineup, now you're going to discontinue both to introduce minor upgrades. Well, I guess you will be getting more for your buck, which is nice, but who knows; maybe there'll be another price change in a couple more months. — Adam Frucci

Hold on to your receipt in case another price drop happens. you never know...

Congrats on your purchase tho, got any games for it yet? and what other games are you looking forward to getting? *is envious and wants a PS3*


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I'm honestly split between a 360 and PS3.

PS3- Has a few good games that I REALLY want, like Killzone 2, Origami Killer, MGS4, and DMC4 which I 'll never play on the 360.

360-Also some good games, but I'll finally get to play with all of my real friends online and own people in Vegas, and get girls to show their boobs in UNO. <_<

So I'm really split right now... Plus I hate the fact that the 360 is getting all of Sony's games just because they're aren't doing as good as last year, XBox was a piece of shit last gen... Just felt like sayin'. >__>

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