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Gundam SEED Stargazer

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From Gunota:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E.73 Stargazer

- Format: 3 episodes each 15 minutes long. Available through net streams and events. It will first appear at Shizuoka Hobby Show in May


- Director: Susumu Nishizawa

- Script: Shigeru Morita

- Character Designer: Kenichi Ohnuki

2 main characters:

- Sven Cal Bayan: 19 year old male natural. Phantom Pain 2nd Lt.

- Selene McGriff: 28 year old female coordinator. One of the researcher of "GSX-401FW Stargazer Project"

Main unit:

- GAT-X105E Strike Noir - Based on Strike Gundam. (Gunpla version will come out)

SEED DESTINY Special Edition

- Format: 4 part series with first one airing this Spring in widescreen format.

- Story is based on Athrun's point of view. The reason behind this according to Fukuda: if this is done in Kira's POV, Shinn becomes the enemy. If this is done in Shinn's POV, Kira becomes the enemy. Meeting between Kira and Shinn will be brand new animation.



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they're milkin this cow till they get blood ne? :rolleyes:


                                               Look at the flowers

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More info...

From Gunota:

New formal announcements:

HG Strike Noir (June, 1,575 yen)

1/100 Legend Gundam (June, 2,730 yen)

HCM-Pro Zeta Gundam (Green Divers ver., May, 2,520 yen)

HG kits for new Stargazer MS will be made through 2007. More CCA HCM-Pro figures will appear.

Stargazer info:

Boasts more than six new mecha, two of which are affiliated with ZAFT, one from DSSD, and two from the Alliance's Phantom Pain (the Strike Noir itself is listed with Orb). The kit description says that the Noir Striker backpack can change into a flight form. The Strike Noir comes with beam swords, listed as its main armament, and a small rocket anchor.


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Hmm looks nice If you guys want I can translate the site. I have a japanese/chinese translater and from the looks of it it actuly worked out nice on this site. I can make out paragraphs lol.

Heres the main story page.



Deep universal inquiry development organization

( Deep Space Survey and Development Organization - - nickname DSSD ) , are the engine to have an inquiry and a development of Mars place beyond orbit territory established by a purpose. Earth earth have a neutrality and a special authority against both camps of ザフト , together together , a plant , non-union neutral nation group participates in an establishment cooperatively organically . " advance of a frontier " - - the fundamental idea all nation immediately , transcended a religion , race , systematically , consider it as a fundamental idea more in the distance to send off " seed " called mankind for a universe.

■ fan Thom Paine ( PhantomPain )

" fan Thom Paine " , are an irregular special troop to belong to a maximum intention decision engine " ロゴス " of ブルーコスモス. A this troop is my soldier group whom ブルーコスモス organizes privately. So far , ブルーコスモス , for Isamu power use for the earth Allied Forces with no reliance せざるをえ is the Isamu fight group that it invents as considering it as a purpose directly to embody an intention by itself.

The mother that fan Thom Paine forms is composed by number of persons of the earth Allied Forces , machinery and materials. Are made with an earth Allied Forces upper layer division for a notice that I hardly resist , though it is informal , with " in case that I have a supply of the goods number of persons requested with fan Thom Paine , rapidly respond this " shot. The thanks to the fact that , can receive a supply of convenience of unlimitedness in the future fan Thom Paine goes. And , see of the personality to represent ロゴス to have the right of command against a this troop , however ロゴス. A person whom I know by the way concerning details of fan Thom Paine sees of a very a few top inside the Allied Forces also.

Fan Thom Paine to be my soldier group isn't bound by the truce combination and treaty that an earth ザフト concludes. For a treaty , both though I prohibit N ジャマーキャンセラー and nuclear weapon, ミラージュコロイド, the universal battleship to load an equipment of PS armor , and ownership of nuclear driving alga building suits , fan Thom Paine disregards that and executes tactics with the vessel to load these of a combination ザフト. Radical and are luxurious as doing abundance fund of ブルーコスモス for a background , by the way indeed , the equipment

Its a bit confusing to read but you can at least get an idea what its about.


All hail piggy, king of bacon ^)^

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