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    gundam seed destiny,full metal alchemist,ff7,and naruto too
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    dragon rider
  1. neo345

    Naruto Movies - 1 & 2

    where? tell me please.just tell me where to get it best buy anywhere
  2. neo345

    Naruto Movies - 1 & 2

    i've been looking everywhere where do i get the movie?
  3. i love temaris new look she is so hot
  4. neo345

    akatsuki leader

    ok i'll use them
  5. neo345

    akatsuki leader

    i found this on a website.I wonder if yondiame is the leader
  6. if naruto dies maybe the kyuubi doesn't get release because the 3rd sealed away orochimarus hand and the third is dead and orochimaru didn't get his arm back,but the nine tails might come back out because the 4rth use a different seal.i don't think gai is lees uncle because there were flash backs about lee on and episode in a chuunin exam and in ther flash back kakashi was talking to gai sensei about lee and his eyebrows very similiar to gai senseis eyebrows and gai didn't even know lee thats why kakashi was taking about lee then gai went to a forest area and saw lee training so lee spied on him and then lee was one of gai senseis student thats when gai sensei made lee just like him.i think yondaime is narutos dad because who would want the child to have the nine tails in them so its obvious that yondaime could be narutos dad.i don't think there is even an uzimaki clan becuase naruto is the only uzimaki.
  7. neo345

    pokemon sprites

    this is the first i made to put on on this forum.Tell me if it good or tell me wut pokemon to mix.this is pocheyana clolor put on to scyther.
  8. mine is when kira got a new gundam and flew in front of the achangel
  9. neo345


    naruto came the most populor show on toonami
  10. neo345


    my favorite character r rock lee gaara sasuke hinata naruto sakura orochimaru itachi kakashi ino sound ninjas neji thats all
  11. neo345

    Mangekyou Sharingan

    oh thanks for telling me
  12. oh thank god he won't play orochimaru
  13. neo345

    Mangekyou Sharingan

    oh ok becuase i it on episode 82 itachi said that kakash can't use as good as good as the uchiha clan.
  14. if u go deeper into naruto it will get interesting l
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