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  1. i loved the show, but it was a little confusing i watch it with my cousin and we both love Jeen (sry if i spelled his name wrong) but we both laughed because it sems as though there's a tall, cute, quiet one with the dark past in every anime series, we just thought that was funny
  2. well yeah it would make me pissed off, the show needs kikyou, i hate kagome and i dont want inuyasha to go with her, she's a ditsey little thing that ticks me off
  3. isn't this off topic? but yeah fruits basket is cute
  4. how did you get jaken ?
  5. date: kouga (wahoo!) villian: naraku (...) hero: kagome (danm it)
  6. lol when i first whatched it i was totally stumped
  7. oh, boy... Kagome is a winey little ass! koga just wants to get her attention because he's jelous she hangs around inuyasha more than him, that and he hates inuyasha. kikyou i think is ok because she just doesn't really know the truth of what happened between inuyasha and her, that and she doesn't like kagome and i could understand. she knows she is losing inuyasha to kagome and she doesn't want to.
  8. i dont know but it's so danm hillariuos!! my friends and i crack up everytime we see her try to pet it!
  9. i like both, i have an equal amount of both of them on two computers.
  10. that show is soo funny! one of my fiends has the dvd's and the other has the manga. but my faves are that one that's really hyper, and the quiet one that i think scares everybody.
  11. hehe do you know where to find it? i'm not a big expert on websites, and stuff^_^;
  12. oh she's adorable! sorry i haven't seen chobits yet but i really want to.
  13. kagome, jaken, naraku, naruku i just think he's annoying.
  14. though how is kagome any help, it seem sthe only time she helps is pointing out the obvious. that and the only reason she went into the fedal era in the first place was on accident when she was looking for her cat.
  15. well it does make them really hyper and crazy they start twiching. my mo said she had a cat who was addicted to it. but some cats are some cats aren't and my cat is a not.
  16. that and why does she go during scholl? why not on holiday breaks or on weekends or out of school or something, then she would be less stupid. and know whats actually going on.
  17. that was cute, escpecialy when sango said her name so she had to step back to prove that she didn't eat anything.
  18. i know but some more than others. but i just hate it when i do it. i actually wish know one would do that because then paople wont get confused of what we're trying to say, and we can get our points acrossed faster.
  19. i hate it when i do that. but i guess you're right. though the only reason why i do that is because i have a problam of transfereing the words that i want to say from my thoughts to my mouth.
  20. i suggest that it should be in a different forum, we need to go back to the topic please.
  21. well hold on lets look at this... well there are many different ways for girls to express our feelings, but some times we dont like to, or we do in a way that hardly anybody understands what the hack is going through our crazed mind. then there's just letting it all come out when we cant hold it in any more, we littarly drown anybody who is listening in word, we explode!
  22. yeah i guess but not all of them
  23. i get your point, but after seeing a few more inuyasha eps, i like kikyou way better than kagome, mostly because kikyou reminds me of myself she has alot of emotions that she likes to express, and wants to in any way she can, but has some trouble doing so. Kagome on the other hand is the one i think is annoying, she doesn't like to share her emotions with any one, when something is bugging her she keeps it all in until she cant take it any more and either gets pissed or crys, which leaves inuyasha and the others helpless to understand how she is feeling, so there is no way they can help. which leaves inuyasha pissed because he wants to help but he cant so he gets pissed also.
  24. i haven't been able to see any of them for a while, i've been doing a lot of traveling with my folks