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  1. #1 dvd name: Rurouni Kenshin tales of the meiji dvd name: A Shinobi's love "ep" names: schneider's bet The two guides to my angel misao Feng shui, surprise attack it says they are eps 87-90 but i dont know #2 dvd name:Rurouni Kenshin tales of the meiji dvd name: end song "ep" name: the magic of feng shui Tokyo under martial law the enemy awaits in senjogahara the elegy of wind and water end of waterings again they say eps 91-95
  2. uhm....i have some dvds but i dont know if they are actually apart of the seried=s that they showed on CN
  3. that baseball kid is very creepy....why dont you like the opening theme?
  4. that's still alot
  5. though warning the anime, after you read the manga may feel to you screwed up and un organized
  6. manga then anime, thats why i have that list of 200 somthin magas that i need to get
  7. why did you miss it?! oh well you can always catch it on thursday
  8. yeah my younger brother and i watched it and he thought the old woman was creepy, but we also thought that beginning theme was very creepy, but its paranoia so i guess that's how it's suppost tobe
  9. how long have you been watchin anime for?? that's a lot of people
  10. that last ep was so funny can twait for the next one
  11. lol, funny sledge honeybee...K*A*G*O*M*E
  12. jin he's oo much better looking and more skilled
  13. they have.....no you're right. adult swim has something to actually look forward to on weekends other then inuyasha now
  14. it's not bad but i'd rather watch something else though i cant cause my brothers
  15. have never heard of it or seen it before....what is it about?
  16. yeah sry if i spelled new wrong i must have not been paying attention
  17. hmm, i think if you wait a couple of weeks it should be cheaper but what do i know, i always go to e-bay (note; that one sucks too)
  18. nwe eps are suppost to be starting next week, so says adult swim, but i beleive since they're the once airing it
  19. not only what angel said but is it true? and was it a good source that gave you the info?
  20. that's kind of funny (dont mind me)
  21. i would have to say koboshi uematsu from PIta-Ten, i get jelous and mad when ever another girl hangs on the guy i like, but i can be cute and loving at times, but i can also argue alot when i know i'm not always right, plus i am very conserned and protective about the guy i like and some times worried when he seems to quiet.
  22. wait i dont really get the whole thursday thing, do they just play what they played last saterday or what?
  23. i dont think inuyasha should go with sango or kagome, kagome should be the one going to hell, and sango should go with miroku, and kikyou sould go with inuyasha, but that's just my opinion, but i'll fight for it.
  24. it's kind of weird i thought the show would be crapy but after watching it i cant get over it. has any one else noticed that their theme song sounds like it's suppost to be the theme song for gieko?