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  1. haha this last ep on saterday was funny. I love the white guys with guns I was cracking up laughing when there was a shootout at the store. All of a sudden a guy comes out with a towel on his head can, can you say 7/11 store. lol so good. Huey, you dont wanna know what there gonna do to me. There gonna rape you.
  2. "There be some crazzy niggas out there" "Riley I see piss coming, I move. She saw piss coming, she stayed. And I am *not* gonna miss out on the next R. Kelly CD just for that! Huey You just got told by an eight-year-old. Riley And if R. Kelly goes to jail, I'mma piss on your cat! " I love the show at first I was a bit skeptical about it then after the first few eps I laughed my ass off. I love how Huey categorizes all the people in general, you got the niggas and then you got the crazy niggas then you got the white people messing everything up. funny stuff. Everyones a winner. Id laugh if Adult swim got sued for somthing to do with this series.
  3. Ya if you remember there first encounter Cougar asks who is he? He looks familiar. That Ep was great! Kazuma's Full body armor rocks its to bad he didnt get it sooner. I guess If he got it sooner he would have killed everyone and make the reast of the series suck lol.
  4. haha I want Dual fluffys rofl, that sounds so funny. Im a super fluffy, come touch me int he fluffy ...k sorry ill be on my way.
  5. lol all I want is a way to pilot a mecha with 20,000 people and a way to make the mecha custom.
  6. It be nice if someone made a Gundam MMORPG for us english talkers lol. Id buy it and play all day!
  7. dude that looks sick! I cant wait to watch the rest (Starts downloading eps now) haha. Oh and by the way you can go to http://www.scryedanime.com/home.html to view all there first, second and finel alter powers/forms and there looks. Kinda cool.
  8. Lady Blue Girl hahaha j/k
  9. Adult Swim hasnt showed them all, at least not that I know of.
  10. Ahhhh that makes sence. I think she also has a few other abilitys.
  11. I dont like long games. So I played it almost half way through them stoped . Then after a few months id play somemore and then stop...and so on. I know alot of people that played it and dont remeber everything about the story. they where simply playing it becuse it was another FF game.
  12. Ya most is in the game but your right you skip through most of it since the game is to damn long lol. Its still better to watch Last Order before playing the game if you wanna understand what your playing for. And my friend told me Aries and Zack were engaged but I didnt know it from playing the game or watching last order. I cant wait till the other games come out.
  13. If you play the game theres parts missing that Last Order fills in. Your basicly supposed to watch Last order, play the new cell phone game, play FF7, watch Advent Children. You don't have to do it in this order but its alot better then watching Advent Children then going back to the start and watching stuff that you should have seen before Advent Children. Its basicly like how .Hack was set up with all there movies and video games in a way. As for the Marlene looking like Cloud and Tifa's kid. It seemed like it was there kid. She didnt look like Cloud or Tifa but she certinly acted like they where her parents, but shes not so o well.
  14. I agree some closure between Cloud and Tifa would have been nice. BTW. If any of you havent seen Advent Children please watch "FFVII Last Order" first. If you don't you will have some black spots in the story or you will be kicking your self later. Hahaha ya the music was funny in the Tifa fight. I thought it was my friends cell phone at first.
  15. @slippers - ya your right It was somewhat like the Matrix. Hmm ya but
  16. Ya, it was on XDCC servers a few weeks ago. My friend downloaded it and we watched a bit of it in C++ class.
  17. The movie wasnt too bad. I liked it but it reminds me way to much of X. The white and black wings, powers, and dragon names.
  18. ya reviews dont sound to good but it would still be really cool to play with other people from around the world that love gundam as much as I do. It also give me a chance to kill them in a mecha!
  19. Ya same VHD was the first I saw and its my fav, I also love all Gundam!
  20. Got a Q, has anyone noticed that Kazuma's sister or w/e she is, describes Ryuhou's alter everytime she wakes up from one of her weird dreams? Is this some how connected or is there somthing else going on? Over all I love s.CRY.ed cant wait to see more.
  21. Well there we have it Ð Wins and also wins the love of the girl haha.
  22. The girl might be a bug, but it would make a good love story ending to whoever won the fight . Winner gets the girl lol.
  23. lol First thing I wanna say is, Damn this is cool I love it . 2nd Grand master flex is a DJ for a Anime...thats a first. Correct me if Im wrong but I thought I saw Music by "Grand master flex" then some other people after his name. Thats cool but funny at the same time if it is true. Last but not least Mugen is the name of a fighting game haha thats funny they named a person that. Anyway its a good anime and I cant wait to see more.
  24. I have to say D, Alucard is strong and all but somehow I have a feeling it would be a tie or D would win. Bolth cant die so.....its gonna be a tie unless Alucard holds D in the sun for days and I doubt that would happen. I think it would be cool to through the girl from blood the last Vampire in also lol she was kinda crazzy.
  25. 1) Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust 2) Gundam X 3) Blood the last Vampire 4) full metal alchemist 5) Gundam 0083 6) Gundam Seed 7) X 8) Ninja Scroll 9) Goku -midnight eye 10) Outlaw Star This changes alot though.....