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  1. Tried the Monster Hunter Wold beta after the guys I played Destiny with kept hyping it up... eh. Its not for me. The controls are funky, and the explanation of what I was suppose to be doing wasn't very good. I just beat down a monster until it died? I thought I was suppose to be capturing it? I was expecting a finishing move prompt, or a QTE, for a death blow, but it just seemed anti-climatic. Then it sent me to the "Coming Jan 2018, would you like to Pre-Order?" in which I said no and got sent back to the main menu. At this point I knew I wasn't going to try the more difficult quests if I have to go through all that each time, rather staying in the game world and picking another quest that way. I never played a Monster Hunter game before, I always thought they looked neat, but playing it myself left me uninspired.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, it's not bad. This was my first time I played a Monster Hunter game as well and honestly I was just as confused as you probably were. They need to do a better job of explaining how to do shit in the game because if you don't go into the training hall before hand it's kind of difficult to understand combat controls and how to string combos together for each weapon. They could of done a better job with this beta if you ask me but I might still check out the retail version when it comes out (mostly due to my co-worker).

      Then again I'm also thinking of trying out Dauntless, which seems to be a lot easier to pick up and understand compared to MH. I've seen a lot of gameplay and I'm honestly impressed (outside of the bugs that were plaguing it in Alpha, I haven't seen much of the Closed Beta yet). The only real thing that bugs me about Dauntless is the cartoony art style it has.

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