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  1. RIP Jerry Lewis. I remember watching Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movies when I was young. He made me laugh as a child.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I still want to see The Day the Clown Cried. Apparently he donated a copy to the Library of Congress in 2015 with a 10 year stay on it. It wont be until 2025 before anyone has a chance to view it, and even then there are a bunch of issues with the rights. He never wanted anyone to ever see it... at least while he was alive.

    3. Sledgstone


      R.I.P. Jerry. I'll always remember watching his telethons when i was a kid.

      I somehow did not know about that movie The Day the Clown Cried until I read about it just now. I looked up some details about it and the basis of that movie sounds like nothing he'd ever do. Now I'm intrigued by it because it supposedly ends tragically.

    4. DeathscytheX


      There are some raw footage if scenes you can find. It sounds very grim.