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  1. So I'm lazy and I'm getting old to where I can't really stand to wear contact for +20 hours a day anymore. I've had cheap ass back up glasses for 2 years ever since I got a viral pink eye and couldn't wear contacts for a week. Needless to say, they def weren't meant for heavy long term use. One pair already had the lens coating dry up and chip away, and the pair I'm wearing now has one of the lenses hanging on for dear life. My first and only decent pair of glasses were purchased back in 2003... they were almost $500 at the time. Compared to the $180 I paid for the two pair I've gone through in 2 years. I went to day and dropped $360 on titanium flex frames with Nikon HD transition lenses. I guess glasses tech has become a little cheaper since 2003 because these have more features than my first pair. (Yes I'm aware of the artificial price inflation of glasses) 

    1. Sledgstone


      That price inflation of glasses is ridiculous. But I still go to a major retailer and buy them. I have vision insurance so its not so bad. I can't use flex frames. My head is wide and bulbous and whenever I try on flex frames they auto flex inward and pinch the hell out of my nose. x_x I love the lightness of flex frames tho. I had a coworker that wore contacts all the time for over 15 years and her optometrist told her to switch to glasses because the contacts were leaving a circular imprint on her eyes that could become damaging. wtf.

      Hows those transition lenses working for you? I haven't had a pair of transitions in over 10 years. Do they still take over 5-7 mins to transition back to normal in a dark room?

    2. DeathscytheX


      I don't know yet. I have to wait 5-7 days. As much as I hate Wal-Mart, I use their vision center because that's where my mom took me long ago and I've been using that Optometrist since I was a teen. Wal-Mart can never make glasses on the same day for some reason. 

      I told her I wanted them for driving, and she tried to talk me out of it because all cars after 2007 have UV protected windshields... well my car is a 2004 XD. Plus I do go out now and then so it doesn't hurt to have them. But she said they change a lot faster now. I think she said 3 minutes.

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