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  1. I never got into Samurai Jack, and now I really don't like Samurai Jack because the marathon is going to delay the AoT dub episode on Funimation since it wont air on CN this week. -_-; WTF.

    1. Sledgstone


      Samurai Jack is amazing. Blame Adult Swim for being douches. Their scheduling is absolute garbage. All the Samurai Jack fans like myself now hate Rick and Morty because on April 1st they aired a marathon of Rick and Morty as a joke by repeating the same episode through their entire new episode lineup that saturday. As a result it pushed the Samurai Jack episode off by 1 week resulting in the marathon happening this week instead of last week.. and even then there is no need to do a marathon of the series at all at this point since all the Samurai Jack fans watched the finale last week and are probably never going to watch anything in the adult swim timeslot again. I've set my dvr for AoT. I'll watch it all at some point, but I won't watch anything live on their network again. And then to top it all off, Adult Swim never put that Rick and Morty marathon on their guide so it screwed up my dvr and I didn't get 5 mins of the episode the following saturday since it was considered a re-run instead of a new episode. -_-; So I set AoT to record all episodes and not just "new episodes" so my dvr doesn't get screwed by them again.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Meh, gotta love Toonami and their shitty scheduling though AoT will be there next week (still don't understand why people like this show). Hey, at least this gives me a chance to catch the Samurai Jack eps I missed :P (even though I'm greatly disappointed with how the series ended and thought this last set of eps wasn't that good).

    3. DeathscytheX


      Meh, I tried watching the original and never got into it. I thought it was too artsy or something. I didn't like the animation style, because North American animation still can't draw somewhat realistic looking humans if its not done by Disney. The elongated cube head just was too much.

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