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  1. I just found out Overwatch competitive rewards are based on your season high and not current standing. I would have been more aggressive if I would have known. -_-;

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    2. Sledgstone


      The tier system is just like how GW2's competitive seasons are. This part:


      Players with wildly different skill ratings will not longer be able to group up. If you want to be in the same competitive group, you’ll soon have to be within 500 skill rating points of each other, per the new system. Blizzard wants people to be able to play with their friends, but they don’t want to leave a loophole open for exploits.

      That was the issue with GW2's season 1 pvp league. Diamond tier players were teaming up with level 1 amber tiers to get matches against other amber tier players to farm the hell out of them. It lead to so many one sided matches with skill it was complete abuse. The new system sounds good and thankfully theres a huge player base. If Overwatch didn't have the massive player base it has, these changes would easily turn into 10 minute queue matchmaking like in GW2. x_x

    3. DeathscytheX


      I think this was the major reason for the overhaul. Season 1 you could play with friends within 50 skill points of you. Meaning level 60+ couldn't play with absolute scrubs. However, a 70 could play with a 30, which is a huge gap. 500pts within a scale of 5000 is more reasonable. But I would like to see them make a quick play mode with competite rules. A lot of people on reddit have been asking for this. It would be nice to have a more serious casual play list with a 1 hero limit while keeping the wacky regular QP.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      That'd be a nice change. As much as I loved QP in beta I think a QP with comp rules would be amazing and it'd be a good training ground to get people into the competitive mind set (as well as allow them to actually get better with heroes in the same environment without the pressure of having to perform at their best). I'm sure Blizzard will look into this because it seems this is the one game they're actually listening to their player base on (implementing changes quickly, re-balancing the heroes as needed, etc).

      I really do hope they implement something like it because it's all I'd play until I could join competitive (hint Blizz, do it for those of us planning on buying the game and wanting to play competitive as soon as we hit 25. You'd have all our love and respect)

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