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  1. Dropped a ton of cash on a Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Figured I'd go ahead and take the hit before the assault weapon ban talk gets hot or some other ass hat decides to go shoot people.

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    2. Sledgstone


      lol. My dogs defending our home would involve them running to the safety of their mom and barking until the threat leaves. Their worst enemy is the neighbor's dog or the UPS man. XD I doubt I'll ever have a german shepherd again, but if I ever get concerned for my home defense I'd rather get another one instead of a shotgun honestly.

      I'm surprised that gun doesn't have more recoil than that. I might have mentioned it before but for handguns, I'd prefer to get a .22 for target shooting at a range. Sure its a weak gun, but its fun to shoot. Almost no recoil and incredible accuracy and range. And for home defense, unless some guy breaking into the house has a flak jacket on, that 22 will still mess that guy up and any stray rounds would be less likely to go thru walls killing unintended targets. Sure the 22 wont bust thru someone's skull, but I'd be shooting at someone's chest, not trying to explode their head like a watermelon in my living room. I also liked shooting a 9 mm. A .45 ACP is probably too much for me because of my wrist issues from typing for over 15 years for a living. Even with the minor recoil in this video and from my own experience shooting, I know my wrists would be killing me after 10 mins at a gun range.

    3. Sledgstone


      I say minor recoil, but honestly.. for anyone that has not actually gone to a gun range to experience yourself, you're using a good bit of muscle in your arms and wrist to keep that recoil of bigger ammo in check. My first time shooting a larger hand gun surprised me. Some guns will want to fly right into your face. lol. But with how my nerve issues in my arms has progressed over the years, I got less and less interested in gun ownership because I wouldn't trust myself 100% to fire accurately. Hell, I dropped a plate of ribs a couple months ago because my hand spasmed. I couldn't imagine holding a gun and have the happen.

    4. DeathscytheX


      I didn't even think about that. A shotgun is def the most voilent gun to shoot unless you get a 22g and shoot birdshot to Dick Cheney someone with. .45 is def a big round. I wouldn't shoot it out of anything besides my 1911 since it's such a heavy frame gun. I couldn't imagine why people get those sub compact glocks chambered in it. X_x

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