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  1. So the Stormblood Early Access is fucking broke and everyone in NA trying to play the story is locked behind a mission no one can do due to SE dropping the fucking ball because of server congestion (or that's what they're saying, I've been waiting since 7 am to finish the god damn quest. Finally gave up since I can't get into the instance to do it). GG SE, I'm pretty sure if you get it fixed it's just going to break on Tuesday when SB officially launches. I forsee many angry customers and a lot of rage quitters. On a side not Samurai is fucking amazing and I think, once the story is finished on my Ninja, I'm switching jobs again. The amount of dps and damage this job can put out at 50 is enormous so I'm expecting great things from it at 70.

    On a much better note I finally got around to trying out Black Desert Online tonight. Gotta say besides being a freaking beautiful game it's actually pretty fun and addicting. Really like how the combat plays out with all of its combos. Definitely worth the $10 entry fee (that is if you're computer can run it, I'm running on high settings and not having any real issues). I think I found my new game to fuck around in when I run out of things to do in FFXIV (if I ever do x.x).

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    2. DeathscytheX


      GW2 can be grundy depending on what it is, but once you get a fully ascended set of gear, you're done. It doesn't go any higher and never will. They'll add more vertical progression with each release, but the devs have committed to the gear will and level cap never going past 80. And if a new meta arises, it's pretty inexpensive to stat swap your gear. Legendary gear is the same tier as ascended with the QoL of free stat swapping. 

      Don't get me started on destiny. It was worst than any MMO. "Crafting" or more like buying bullshit from the gunsmith was a joke and the RNG was shit. With no lesser equipment that was at least comparable that you could craft or buy through grinding mats, it was a depressing system. I may have gotten a lot of great drops, but I never got Gjally til they sold it before nerf, and I never got Fatebringer despite numerous VoG runs when I got a group. Then when I got The Messanger from ToO, they took a shit on it and all my gear for the expac. Yeah fuck that. 

    3. DeathscytheX


      Oh a third note, damn I'd be pissed as fuck too if my favorite game was screwed because of something so simple. It's happened in GW2 before. Generally it gets fixed fairly quickly, but sometimes it takes longer. I say its simple, but behind the scenes its probably some oversight that caused a complete trainwreck in the code.

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      The problem is this is an issue that should not be an issue. If they'd of fucking rented extra servers for the month to help alleviate the congestion that comes with every major expansion launch everyone would be happy right now (or for fuck sake they could put this and the other two instanced story missions behind a fucking queue so people could get through it but no they opted to put a hard cap of 1 person per server on it and it's like trying to win a radio call in contest (its all about timing and luck) to get through). There is no way SE didn't know how many people would be playing early access, they have the fucking sales numbers and the early access code redemption's to go off of. They're other mistake was releasing early access on a Friday when fucking everybody would be able to get on after work to play. They really fucked up and now they're trying to fix issues for the 1% of the player base that actually made it through Raubahn Ex (it's what we're calling the problem, the npc that starts the mission is name Raubahn) instead of helping the 99% that can't.

      Yea I'm fucking salty about this. It's day 3, I'm nowhere near getting past this MSQ, I got up at 1:30 am to attempt to get through when server load would be at it's least (which it isn't, everyone seems to have had the same idea), and now servers are going down to fix the issue I mentioned above instead of helping out those of us who can't progress. I'm seriously debating canceling my subscription and demanding a refund on my copy of the expansion when I get it. I've never seen such blatant disrespect for players and paying customers like this (fuck even Blizzard has done better at placating the crowd when shit hit the fan in WoW). Like I told a guild mate yesterday I pay $210 a year to play this fucking game (I pay in 6 month blocks plus I also pay for an additional 2 retainers (our version of a bank/storage facility)) and I dropped $230 on the Collector's Edition of Stormblood, I don't think it's too much to ask to make sure you fucking give answers to the issues at hand instead of saying "We're looking into it, keep trying on your own to get in" or "Working as intended, quick your damn bitching" (note the last one has never been said but most of us are starting to feel like this is what they're trying to say).

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