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  1. So the Stormblood Early Access is fucking broke and everyone in NA trying to play the story is locked behind a mission no one can do due to SE dropping the fucking ball because of server congestion (or that's what they're saying, I've been waiting since 7 am to finish the god damn quest. Finally gave up since I can't get into the instance to do it). GG SE, I'm pretty sure if you get it fixed it's just going to break on Tuesday when SB officially launches. I forsee many angry customers and a lot of rage quitters. On a side not Samurai is fucking amazing and I think, once the story is finished on my Ninja, I'm switching jobs again. The amount of dps and damage this job can put out at 50 is enormous so I'm expecting great things from it at 70.

    On a much better note I finally got around to trying out Black Desert Online tonight. Gotta say besides being a freaking beautiful game it's actually pretty fun and addicting. Really like how the combat plays out with all of its combos. Definitely worth the $10 entry fee (that is if you're computer can run it, I'm running on high settings and not having any real issues). I think I found my new game to fuck around in when I run out of things to do in FFXIV (if I ever do x.x).

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    2. Sledgstone


      Did they ever fix the issue? I wonder if they were getting DDOS'd on top of it all. I still remember whenever a major game was getting released on PS4, PSN would be getting DDOS'd the entire day just so nobody could enjoy themselves. -_-;

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Not entirely sure when the issue was resolved (see below) but I finally got through the mission on Sunday morning when 2 servers on my Data Center crashed allowing people to get through it (two of the highest pop servers at that, no wonder no one could get through). They were getting DDoS'd the other day but that seems to have stopped.

      Sadly I'm not as far as I'd like to be (I'm almost done with the story and almost 70) because after I finally got through that quest my fucking modem decided to die on me so I spent two days without internet until I could get my ISP out here to fix it (which in the long run is better, I now have a new modem I didn't have to pay for (and they'll replace it at their own cost if it dies) and my speeds have been upped to 120 dl/20 up). Tell you this much I'm not used to a desktop anymore or my computer chair, fucking shoulders/neck/back are killing me from sitting here for 10 hours a day (yea, I pretty much wasted the majority of my vacation in front of my computer). Think I might need to invest in a new computer chair when I finally get my new desk.

    4. Sledgstone


      I highly recommend a chair that has no arms. I sit in front of my pc all day for work and after many years the pressure from my elbows resting on a chair while i type all day wrecked my ulnar nerves. I still lose my grip on occasion when my hand spasms and i can't carry things up stairs without some serious arm issues. X_x go armless and have your arms hang straight down your sides with a 90 degree bend at the elbow for your mouse and keyboard. Make sure the mouse and keyboard are at three same height to. I had a key board tray with my mouse on the desk... not a good idea unless you want beck cramps after 8 hours. X_x

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