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  1. So I was bored yesterday and played some of the Overwatch free weekend (sadly I won't have anymore time to play it). Quite honestly I'm actually considering buying it now because Quickplay was not as bad as it was last time. It seems either people have learned to play the game. Really like a lot of the changes the game has gone through since the last time I played (really happy to see you can only have one of each hero on a team now, such a fucking lovely change). I actually think I could stomach the grind to 25 to play comp now (if I could find the time to play it, I'm working on my Bard's Anima Weapon in FFXIV and I've got less than a month till early access for the expac launches (and I still have to beat ME:A and Horizon)).

    I've also pretty much proved that I'm going to be stuck playing healers as I have lost all skill at playing anything but them. Went on a tear with Lucio last night, getting play of the game for knocking two people off the map on Ilios and getting three more kills on top of it. I have to say if I didn't love Mercy as much as I do I'd have to say Lucio is my favorite hero (also got a Legendary skin for him, not to hip on it as its the blue hockey one but still it was a nice gain from a lootbox). I also wall skated my way out of dying in the center well on the first part of Ilios, was pretty fucking epic (considering I didn't think it could be done).

    I also have to point out that I really like Orisa. I never actually played as her but she was a major reason as to why my group won on Defense for Volskaya in the first part of the map (that place down shield is powerful with the right set up). She's a very nice addition to the hero lineup. Also have to say I fucking hate Sombra, in the right hands she's a fucking nightmare.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Good Sombra are rare to find, but yeah they are horrible to deal with, especially when you're team wont focus her or even pressure her to translocate away. She can kill Roadhog and knock D.Va out of her suit with ease. Shes an underrated tank buster for certain ones. I play a lot of Lucio now, and I had one that just kept hacking me non stop... even ulted and then hacked me right when it faded away to prevent me from using my ult I had to hold the point. I eventually got it off, but not until after 2 of my teammates had died.

      Orisa has problems. She needs an armor buff to TBH. Shes too squishy to be called a tank and is really just a choke point defender. I eat Orisa's for lunch as Lucio.... hes a ultra hard counter to her because shes is so damn slow you can just circle her and kill her easily.

      The changes to Lucio are amazing. His heal radius is a lot smaller, but it heals more per second, and the gun does more damage, which is why you can murder Orisa all day. It also allows me to go kill the other teams Mercy. Mercy is really good right now and a good Mercy is annoying to deal with when none of your team will kill her, and instead keep feeding her ult non stop. If I'm not the healer and this happens I have to swap to Junkrat and mine her. Junkrat is very strong on capture points like the enclosed ones on Illios, Lijian, Hanamura, and Nepal. If you enter a small room with him you wont live, and he takes no damage from his own explosions anymore.

      Did you get to experience the "Pharmercy" nightmare? XD Its a popular trend right now where Mercy just boosts Phara the whole round, and if the hitscan characters on your team are bad, its just a rage inducing. Nothing makes me rage more than someone playing 76 and not taking care of it.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Competitive is actually worse than quickplay unless you have a team. I play my 10 placement matches and don't touch it again every season. No one talks.... I generally put myself in a party when I solo, but for competitive I don't just in case... it hasn't happened for 2 seasons... and I feel like the other team does talk and we get steam rolled. I ranked lower than I have in a long time this season because of that stupid insta-cap rule they had when you're team fails to capture the first point.

      The problem that this had in placement matches is that you got no data for such a short match. No kills, no heals, no assists, so it counts has have a really bad match and hurts your score, seeing as placement is based less on wins and more on personal performance on a character compared to others playing the same character.

      Also there are good nights and badnights. I've lost 15 in a row before trying to get my last weekly lootbox, and Ive lost a ton in a row on just some bad nights. It happens. But some nights you just can't seem to lose. Its a wonky system at times. But I do like when you lose to another team so many times in a row, it reinstances you to play someone else.

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