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  1. Day 2 of being back to work and I'm dead/exhausted. Good god these 10 hour days are rough, so not used to it (not to mention my feet are killing me, my shoulder hurts like hell, and my hands are stiff and ache all over (this assembly shit is not easy on your body)). If you don't hear from me for awhile I'm probably dead from exhaustion (and I have mandatory overtime this week too so no three day weekend :cry:, just got to think of all that lovely money).

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    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      I wish I could buy shoes like that but due to the nature of what I'm doing I'm required to wear steel toed boots which are never comfortable until they're broken in (which the ones I'm currently wearing aren't). Hopefully I'll be out of work by noon on Friday but who knows, we're missing a few people and I'm still training (slowing everyone else down). I just miss my free time after work, this 3 and a half hours before I go to bed is brutal for trying to get things done in.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yup. I wake up at 11. Eat, shower, go to work at 1, get off at 11, come home and game or watch anime til 2-3am and go to bed and repeat. Work and sleep make up the majority of my week. Then it sucks when I have to take care of stuff on my off days, because I never had time during the week.

    4. Sledgstone


      I lucked out when I was doing 10 hour days. I'd come home to an awesome home cooked dinner from the Mrs., do a couple random things around the house, watch 1 or 2 tv shows and pass out. It got annoying to not be able to do anything during the week. I never had time to catch up on any games until the weekend, but even then I always had to do grocery shopping and whatever else that I couldn't do during the week. My biggest problem with 10 hour days was my driving in winter. It'd take me close to an hour to get to and from work during snow storms and being gone from the house for 12-13 hours at a time was brutal. My hours are alot easier now that I can do them whenever I want. I could technically do 10-13 hour days again if I wanted but screw that. x_x

      Steel toe boots can be so uncomfortable. Have you tried those costly Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts? I've heard they can be really good for your feet.. as long as you take out the existing insole from the shoe first. I was an idiot years ago and didn't realize you were supposed to replace them, not just insert them into the shoe. lol. My arches did not like me that winter. -_-;

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