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  1. He was surprised in T3 because after T2 he wasn't even supposed to exsist anymore. Anyway, this is going to horrible. I agree TV really has gone down the drain. Now we've got Superman highschool fandom in Smallville, and X-Men wanna be crap, and now this. Talk about trying to re-hype a dead horse. Terminator was great back in the day, but that's just it, it's had it's glory days, think of something new for a change instead of grabbing straws out of the dead and gone pile.
  2. Happy B-Day GG!!! Hope it's an awsome one, and as a present I give you....A DANCING HAMSTER!!!
  3. Okay does anyone remember the game Where's Mario? Alright even better, does anyone remember how impossibly hard it was!? A friend of mine has been restoring this ancient Packard Bell *if that name tells you anything* and he found a bunch of old games for it. One of them being "Where's Mario" so I thought what the heck lets try it out. OMG...I can't believe how hard it is, and they expected kids to play this game? It's like "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago" on crack. I'm like 20% done after a week of spastic to moderate playing. I am dead set on beating this game though, if nothing else just to give myself the satisfation of beating it. So does anyone else remember this game, and anyone got any tips?
  4. I'm playing it on the computer, I didn't know it came out on a game system.
  5. I'm talking about the one where you had to walk down the streets and read the newspapers and look for clues and shit. I also put it on the hardest setting, so yeah. That and I am very direction challenged for some reason.
  6. Okay I see what you guys are saying, and yeah, you're right, I just didn't think about it that far. Thanx for the help Dubird and Mathias, I'll re-think my work a bit.
  7. Well, all the Sora ones I have permission for, and the rest are going to link back the the sites they were found on. I don't take credit for any of the avatars or icons, I just put them together that's all. I also don't plan on taking credit on the site, and niether does she.
  8. Yeah these are more like...web banners than sigs. They can be used that way I guess. Still can't get a good Axel one out though...it's hard to find Avatars of him.
  9. Uhhh...talk about getting fan-fare.
  10. Exactly. Lots of action, blood, guts, and general gore, but no plot, and zero back story.
  11. I'm not to sure on this one...yeah the trailer looks amazing, but the first one in my opinion sucked. I've always been more of an Alien fan, but still the first one could have been a lot better. Unless I just hear people raving about it left and right, I'll probably just wait and rent it.
  12. Rob Zombie always does amazing and sick with his movies. I can't wait to go see it, my friends went and saw it this last weekend, and they said it was lol to die for. So I'll probably pop in and see it this weekend if I have time.
  13. I agree hopefully this one will be much better than the last C rated piece of crap. I was very dissapointed, but this one sounds like it will be better, but who knows.
  14. It looks like just a pointless, bad humor, no plot, gunfest. Like Goku said, I'll wait till people start posting about it before I pay money to see it. All the review sites are giving it horrible ratings so far.
  15. Barbie Girl - Aqua Oops I Did It Again - Britney Spears Lip Gloss - ? Do Your Chain Hang Low - ?
  16. It was freaking hillarious, classic Simpsons humor and I think everyone got screen time amazingly. It was so freaking funny!
  17. That's right the new Harry Potter book officially went on sale exactly 50 minutes ago here! I stood in line at Books A Million for two hours waiting to get my copy, but I finally have it! I can't wait to start reading on it, I'm probably not going to sleep tonight lol. I was so much fun talking with everyone about the new book though, and seeing everyone dressed up. I have never heard so many Harry Potter ringtones before lol. One thing that caught my attention though was that when they gave you the book it was wrapped in a plastic bag, and we were given very strict instructions not to remove the book from the bag until we had exited the store or our book would be cofenscated. I asked one of the sales ladies why they were doing this and she said it was because some moron last release, got his copy, read the last few pages, then screamed at the top of his lungs the very sad ending. He was then set upon by very outraged and rabid fans who beat him so badly he had to be hospitalized. Personally I think the moron deserved it, I mean what did he think people were going to do? Anyway, I'm going to start reading now!
  18. Vindicated - Dashboard Confessional
  19. Okay so on Saturday's only FUSE is starting to show diffrent episodes of anime. Last week was a show called Ergo Proxy, and from what I got to see of it, it looks really good. I thought about buying it, but I kinda wanted to know if was any good or not before I spent the money. Any help?
  20. I agree Vincent...I agree. I also couldn't believe it about Lupin and Tonks.
  21. The ending was wonderful, she really did an amazing job. I just finished it btw like five minutes ago.
  22. I've had mine since the night it came out...however I'm only like half way through it. I just haven't had a lot of time to read, and I won't have any for this rest of the week. *sigh* hopefully I'll get it finished this weekend, it'll give me something to do on the long car ride to Wichita.
  23. Very cool, lol leave it to the Japanese to create a real Transformer!