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  1. Aye, PvP is important. And it will most likely be added to EQ2 soon. But it wont be open PvP. You'll have to go to an Arena, or accept a duel or something like that.
  2. I hated the effing PvP in L2.. I always got my ass . I never wanted to fight anyone, .. high level mages would always come and kick my ass for no reason. I'd try to run away and they'd slow me to death with their ice bolt. -- There's no open PvP in EQ2 .. thank god. But they might add a PvP server in the future.. since they had them on the first everquest. Currently there isn't any PvP EQ2, but that's ok with me, there will be soon enough-- we have time to get good before the arena's open.
  3. EQ2 has a crapload.. I mean a CRAPLOAD of quests. my main character has well over 150 quests completed. There is a lot of monster fighting, but there is also a lot of tradeskills.. so it makes everyone happy. The grind isn't unbearable like in some games. I have a 26 mystic, 20 monk and a 12 summoner. Recently I'v been focusing on tradeskills, I'm a lvl 17 scholar now doing a lot of alchemy stuff. PvP arena's should be added into the game with the first expansion, but I'm not sure yet.
  4. my .. mmo history? hahaa.. that'd be a very very long post. Currently I'm playing EverQuest II, Blackburrow server. I got a couple RL friends that play as well as a few online. Eppy plays on the same server as me We're about to start up a guild.. and everyone here is welcome to come join. It's a really good fun game. A private L2 server ne? .. hmm, I might have to check that out someday.
  5. " .. dang"
  6. Long but interesting read about alchemy. ^_x
  7. 40[days]*24[hours a day] = 960There is no way on gods green earth you have been playing for 40 days straight. Just how close to a 1000 are you? At my most extreme MMORPG playing I would generally average around 14 hours of play a day. Thats believeable if you don't have anything going on in life. But if you factor in school or stuff like that its going to drop significantly. 40[days]*14[average play per day] = 560 560 ≠ 1000+ Even being generous and assuming you did absolutely nothing but play and only lived on 5 hours of sleep.-- No eating, nothing but playing and sleeping. 40[days]*19[average play] = 760 That's 240 short of 1000. Thats a significant chunk. ~~ Ok, maybe you played more than 40 days. Lets see how many days you would have had to play at each rate to get to 1000 x = Days 24x > 1000 42+ Days nonstop. 14x > 1000 72+ Days at 14 hours a day. 19x > 1000 53+ Days at 19 hours a day.
  8. .. and your point is?
  9. Was he stuck or something? I hate it when games don't make required things obvious enough ' .. and you're like "What.. the hell. I'm not playing myst for christ sake.. " In FFX-2 I was stuck up on a part of Gagezette for like 2 hours because I couldn't find the way back down >< I eventually found it... "Wtf, I was there before.. why didn't she jump !_!"
  10. Haha... Novice ;3 .. is that the longest you've ever seen someone play a game for?
  11. When you say Jonny Quest, are you talkin old school Jonny or that 'Real adventures of Jonny quest'?
  12. "I call it the "OOO" ray." X'D "Like the monarch butterfly which I take my name I sting in many ways!" - - "Butterflies don't sting.... " "Oh shit! I can't get the door open, we landed on the door!" - "Oh man! I hope we don't have to eat eachother" - "Forget eating! what about poopie?!" "Three bills can get you a lot!" "I know. I'm going to want change."
  13. Would you have came onto him at the end of the episode? '
  14. *poke* .. *poke* .. *poke* .. rinse, repeat
  15. Is that supposed to represent me?
  16. Chill bro.. Chill. I didn't ask for an explanation what the FF movie is, I asked how it related to the topic.
  17. .. uh, yeah, I know what the FF movie is.
  18. What does the FF movie have to do with anything?-- Anyways, I wouldn't go as far as to say that DB/Z and GT were low-quality.. but I understand why you could think that. Toriyama's character designs are definately different, but his style is solid. Occassionally the characters may look a tad deformed.. but you try drawing the characters from all the different angles for .. what? 300+ episodes... lol, and if you were trying to say that DBZ is children animation.. lol.. Doraemon = for kids ; There are way too many excellent animes.. haha, j/p there can never be enough. RahXephon...
  19. it Is a pretty sweet game eh? ; .. after a certain point you just cant lose though, lol.
  20. Slippers makes a good point. Not to mention Vegeta was able to conquer/destroy planets in the very beginning of the series. Don't forget to take into concideration how much stronger he gets as the series progresses. but, I havn't seen too many episodes of yu yu. So I couldn't say for sure.
  21. .. you do know thats like.. 416 days straight, and since it would be impossible to stay awake that long, and you cant count dream hours.. factoring in minimal sleep of atleast 4 hours a day.. that puts you playing 20 hours a day for 486 days... however, that would be if life of no sort existed, and even in a perfect world taht cannot be true. lets just factor in 7 hours a day of life, be it school or work or whatever. so now you're up to about 608 days, everyday playing starcraft every single day for 13 hours a day. lets bump your sleeping habbits up to human.. lol, 8 hours of sleep. 677 days, playing 9 hours a day.. .. wow, that's alot of starcraft dude, i think you need help
  22. oh god how i lothe unlimited saga... i still have it .. picked it up for 14 dollars, i figure it'd be a waste of time to even try trading it in.. prolly get a quarter or something.. lol FF:CC .. i like the music, graphics are nice.. but the overall game is just awkward.. you have to have gba->gc links to even play multiplayer or minigames.. which was a major mistake by square-enix i think also the fact that you lose your moogle when you play multiplayer.. one of the players is forced to carry the crystal chalice..
  23. I learned about that afterwards of course.. lol, but reguardless.. I need dressspheres NOW, they are too huge of items to miss
  24. .. shh, I might need it now! lol .. I want more GRADE.. must.. have more.. EX gems..
  25. *stares* ... lol, i just got ToS.. that's always a good thing to know... I'm like.. obsessive compulsive when it comes to games.. .. now im going to have to restart .. i dont even know if ive missed anything, but i have a feeling i did... so i have to restart from the beginning.. thank goodness i only have like 4 and a half hours ^^;;... did i mention i restarted FFX-2 twice from chapter three? lost 17 hours both times.. lmao